Yes; we’re special!

There he was, standing outside a local grocery store, greeting everyone passing by, and handing out Bible literature exalting we humans as “special.”

“God created us with souls,” he preached, and that’s, apparently, what makes us so special.

Personally, I simply try to ignore such people. As I passed him to enter the store, I just nodded my head in a no response, took his hand-out, and continued on my way.

We’re special, but, at least in my opinion, it has nothing to do with having a “soul.”

Being a diehard Agnostic, I really have no idea; we may or may not have souls. But those claiming that we do, must also admit that there’s no tangible proof of it, and believing that we do is a 100% faith-based notion.

While I have no problems with discussing religion, I usually loathe religious fanatics preaching about it, attempting to “convert” non-believing “sinners.”

This having been said, I readily admit that I tend to vote with nay-sayer’s group.

The actual physical evidence suggests—quite strongly—that we are, more than likely, just an advanced breed of chimps living on a minor planet that’s orbiting a very average star.

EXCEPT . . . that we’ve developed, among other marvelous abilities, the capacity to understand the Universe.

And THAT’S what makes us special . . . VERY special indeed!


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