WOW; talk about STUPID!

Sometimes only ONE word can adequately describe what appears to be the emerging intellectual and emotional status of this nation: FRIGHTENING! Regardless of an issue’s origin—political, economic, or social—verifiable facts do not seem to matter; people will believe whatever they WANT to believe.

As a species, we’re credulous; we’re psychologically compelled to believe SOMETHING. And the very foundation of this condition is a direct result of a perpetual human love affair with PRECONCEIVED SCIENCE.

People, though not EVERYONE, refuse to believe inconvenient and annoying facts that are absolutely true just because they are contrary to a host of preconceived notions.

They scrutinize provable facts with a fine tooth comb as they desperately comb the Internet for something, ANYTHING that supports a plethora of preconceived notions.

And under those extremely RARE occasions when they can’t find anything, they simply follow the same protocol that politicians follow whenever they’re desperate for votes; they just MAKE STUFF UP!

But either way, myriad people are going to find ways to reject verified facts in favor of believing whatever they already believe no matter how flimsy the evidence.

Even back in the day when investigative reporters, unfettered by corporate mandates to turn a profit, made every effort to separate fact from fiction, it didn’t do as much good as it should have made, though. Society’s dummies still let their preconceived notions trump provable reality.

It’s far worse now because solid investigative reporters have become a dying breed. They’re not all dead, but the general media’s NOISE to signal ratio is now so high that it’s become extremely difficult to hear actual signals over such an ever-increasing level of pure mindless noise.

Humans—at least it seems so in this country—have always placed a solid boundary between SMART people and STUPID people. This is a mistake, and it’s ALWAYS been a mistake.

If we’re going to make a meaningful differentiation, let’s make it between smart/wise people and ignorant/stupid people. Here’s why we should do this.

There’s a subtle difference between SMART people and WISE people. It’s possible to be smart but NOT wise. On the other hand, it’s impossible to be wise but not SMART.

And smart/wise isn’t based on differing intellectual IQs, either. Smart people tend to have average to high IQs, but so do wise people. On the other hand, wise people also tend to have average to high emotional IQs, while smart people tend to have average or lower than average emotional IQs.

Group dynamics dictates that groups of people with average intellectual IQs but with high emotional IQs accomplish more for the good of the whole, than do groups with average to high intellectual IQs but with low emotional IQs.

In simple terms, smart people tend to know WHAT to say; wise people, on the other hand, tend to know whether or not to SAY it! And this brings me to the other extreme: ignorant/stupid people.

Some people are IGNORANT; while others are STUPID. But the intellectual divide between these two groups is as subtle as is the divide between the smart/wise groups.

Ignorant people can learn to be smart people—and in many cases they can even become wise. But they MUST be open-minded with an average intellectual IQ coupled with an average or higher emotional IQ.

Stupid people, however, are forever destined to be stupid. Intellectual and emotional IQs are irrelevant. These people have no idea that they’re stupid. They’re nothing more than ideologues driven by blind, often dogmatically-driven intuitive logic.

There are 435 politicians occupying the halls of the United States Congress. And in any group of 435-people, we’re bound to find a few intellectual duds. But most of them fit snuggly into that wise/smart/ignorant band of humanity that’s attempting to run the nation.

Unfortunately, this current crop—and the crops of the last 25-years or so for that matter—seem to be dominated by people with average to high intellectual IQs but coupled with lower-range emotional IQs.

But this isn’t the reason that they can’t get anything done. The reason for THIS is that the number of STUPIDS among the VOTING and NON-VOTING electorate has become high enough to keep sending the same smart/wise/ignorant hissy fitters back to Congress.

At my age, I’ll have to worry about it ONLY a few more years. But I can’t help wondering, though. God, if you do exist and we’re your favorite country—as so Americans seem to think—um, what’s up?

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