WOW… a SELF-inflicted WEDGIE!

This country has become highly proficient in the art of self-inflicting its own aggregate wedgies… over the dumbest things imaginable. And, the sovereign State of Delaware—the 49th LARGEST one in the Union—is no exception.

Like most other states in the nation, we’re facing a serious state revenue shortfall that’s going to result in some mighty uncomfortable budgetary spending cuts, including the likelihood of some employee layoffs. Granted, in comparing Delaware to other states in terms of absolute dollar amounts, we’re in great shape. But, in relative terms, if we can’t pay our bills, we’re in serious trouble.

As well, Delaware is wading through the same partisan hissy fit as the rest of the country is, as the blamers set about to appoint the designated blamees.

As usual, the Right is blaming it all on the Left; the Left is blaming it all on the Right; and the aggregate constituency—both sides—wails bloody murder for some fiscal restraint… as long as it does NOT involve restraining “OUR” stuff.

But, as serious as our financial straits are here in Delaware and as perplexing and illusive as the solutions to many of our legitimate social problems remain, mind-numbing trivialities continue to dominate the preponderance of our concern.

If you’re eager to see a list of these things, you’re out of luck. The list is too long for inclusion here. But, thanks to one of the MOST trivial concerns hitting the gasp-way in just the past couple of days, here’s a look at it.

Although we’re the 49th LARGEST state in the nation, we have only three counties. Of course, the combined total landmass of the three counties is equal to or slightly less than the size of a single county in one of nations many larger states.

Sussex County is Delaware’s southern county and the smallest one in term of population density. But, in landmass, it dwarfs the other two counties; but I wouldn’t be surprised to discover that there are more deer down there than there are people.

While Delaware is a predominately-blue state, red shows up a lot in Sussex County; it’s becoming redder by the year. And, a growing flock of them is becoming angrier by the minute over things that—and they’re absolutely sure of it—MIGHT make Baby Jesus cry.

What’s the current ruckus? A minor part of it is that those godless up-North (New Castle County) progressives are going to introduce a bill this March to legalize same sex unions.

But the main controversy, the one placing heterosexual activists face-to-face against homosexual activists on that ever emotionally driven battlefield of “good” versus “evil, is that the Sussex County Clerk of the Peace, George Parish, has gone on record in absolute opposition to it. Get the details here.

If you clicked the link and read the article, you will have noted that Mr. Parish has NOT committed any high crimes and misdemeanors warranting his immediate ouster from office.

And, even though he ran for the office on a platform emphasizing his belief in traditional marriages between men and women, he didn’t say that he’d refuse to perform same sex union ceremonies if the bill passes—and it probably will pass. He merely stated his opposition to the bill.

He has a right to do this. He also has a right to campaign against the bill’s passage. And, while gay activists have a right to scream for his resignation while straight activists bemoan perceived attempts to destroy his First Amendment Rights, both sides look foolish as hell.

We can't outlaw homosexuality. It's an involuntary orientation. Just as heterosexuality is an essence of self-realization for some, homosexuality constitutes the same thing for others. And, yes, I know others disagree with the involuntary part—and I would, too—if I could ever figure out at which point in my life I “voluntarily decided” to be straight.

And, since I doubt that ANYONE else can do this, I believe that the core of what the U. S. Supreme Court must eventually address is whether homosexuals marrying in-kind is a human right. And, since people in multiples of tens of millions believe that sexual orientation is involuntary, how can it not be a human right?

Human rights are absolute. They accrue by virtue of people being human beings as opposed to relative rights that accrue as a function of contractual and/or interpersonal relationships. So, I disagree with Mr. Parish’s assertion that we should let the voters decide the issue through a referendum. No, we should not. Human rights are NOT subject to winning a popularity contest.

We long ago outlawed mob rule when it came to deciding who could own whom, or who got to sit where on the bus and who got to eat at which lunch counters and in which restaurants.

In fact, a major aim of our SECULAR Constitution is preventing mob rule from using its emotion-driven “gut feel” to selectively distribute human rights. Heterosexuals don’t “decide” to be straight nor do homosexuals “decide” to be gay.

We need to relax. This country’s recognition of homosexuals’ rights to marry in-kind will not equate to an aggregate punch to God’s divine stomach, nor will it lead America through the gates of HELL all the way down to Dante’s lowest level!

Admittedly, I’m not big on organized religions—I think they’re all the same: guilt dispensers with different names. People constantly accuse me of “questioning” God’s word; but I don’t because I’m not even sure this IS a God.

However, I SERIOUSLY question claims made by legions of animated cans of hairspray that God called THEM to interpret divine proclamations. And, don’t even get me started on the ocean of garbage mouthed morons carrying signs proclaiming their expertise at knowing precisely what and whom God hates.

It may be difficult for some God-people to believe, but the attributes of morality, honor, benevolence, unconditional love, and merciful forgiveness are NOT the sole purview of religious absolutists. Secular relativists are every bit as capable of being moral, honorable, benevolent, loving, and forgiving.

Contrary to an uninformed growing belief—and, many of the believers are clueless politicians—the United States of America is NOT a Christian nation. We are a secular nation governed by a secular Constitution that protects the rights of all of us to practice whichever religion floats our boats, including the right to believe in NONE of them. That the majority religion is Christianity is incidental.

For those wanting the Bible and the Ten Commandments to trump the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, I invite you to spend some quality time in countries such as Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, or any of the other theocratic countries on this Earth. But, if you’re a homosexual or a woman, I’d stay right HERE.

Joe Walther is a freelance writer and publisher of The True Facts. You may comment on his column by clicking here.

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