Why Ignorance is Married to Bliss

There seems to be a consensus among the behavioral science types that really smart people feel more insecure than do others not so nicely endowed in terms of competency. I do not know if there is any scientific validity to this but, at least on the surface, it seems to make a lot of sense to me.

Smart people seem to have a realistic view as to how little they really know. They also tend to be very much aware of their limitations in general, and are usually the first to acknowledge that others may know more.

This is why such people are so reliable, command respect, and score so high on competency scales.

Please note that I am differentiating between intelligence and competency. I know many people who are highly intelligent and, yet, are simultaneously dumber than rocks.

Take a high degree of intelligence, add to it some highly inflated ego and too much arrogance, and you have stupidity personified.

You know, now that I think of it, the above paragraph sounds very much like the job descriptions for government bureaucrats and college administrators. By golly, I think I may have stumbled onto something here.

Could there be such a relationship for competence in general? Could it be that incompetent people have no grasp relative to their shortcomings, intellectual and/or physical, but intellectual in particular?

Oh my God, Sigmund, if these answers are yes, then they are true for both emotional and social intelligence!

That’s it! What else could possibly explain the problems we encounter with pseudo-intellectuals? They have absolutely no clue that they come off like the self-absorbed boors that they are.

Yes, this explains Donald Trump to a tee! And in his case, although it’s way too late, maybe we should reconsider that, perhaps, it’s not the act of abortion itself that is immoral, but rather its timing!

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