Whoa, Dude; I Didn’t Mean To Do THAT!

If one follows the people who do surveys for a living, not only does one realize that the nation is in for its usual dismal turnout during mid-term elections—actually, the turnout during presidential elections is nothing to brag about, either—one may also realistically conclude that there is a stunning reason for the low voter turnout.

Not only are many interviewees ineligible to vote, a sizable number of those who are eligible are completely unaware that there is a mid-term election coming up this November.

Yes, as preposterous as this sounds, it’s true. I had the opportunity to view my own sampling of some of those interviews, and—trust me on this—some of the interviewees were dumber than dirt.

Not only were they clueless as to an upcoming election, they had no idea as to what’s at stake generally speaking; nor did most of them know the names of their own U. S. Congressional representatives or senators.

If ignorance is truly BLISS defined, these idiots have to be in perpetually heightened states of orgasmic ecstasy!

I’m not going into the details here; it would take way too many words. I’ll just state, for the record, that I was stunned to realize that this nation has been fostering so many abjectly stupid people.

If most of these folks are indicative of a general political/issue-oriented acumen in America, we’ve already begun to circle the drain of world-relevance oblivion.

What are the politicians doing about it? NOTHING! They’re catering, not just to the stupid, but rather to the lowest common denominator among the stupid.

The Right blames everything on the Left; the Left blames everything on the Right, and IDIOTS—on both sides—buy into everything their respective “cheerleaders” tell them: HOOK, LINE, and SINKER.

Since one is looming, let me pick just one small pet peeve: voter fraud. This issue has been raising its ugly head for decades, but it’s really become quite rabid-like since Barack Obama’s arrival onto the national scene.

The Right claims that it’s become ramped while the Left claims that it’s not a problem that’s worth mentioning. It could be, however, that either side may be correct.

But one side or another leveling accusations does not validate those accusations.

Criminally speaking, prosecutors have to prove their charges beyond a reasonable doubt; which, by the way, becomes a daunting task relative to charges of voter fraud. Here’s why.

The standard Left response to the Right’s claim that voter fraud statistics show that there’s very little of it, may or may not be valid. However, it may also prove that the Left’s grasp of statistical inference is tepid at best.

Yes, it’s a fact that a very small fraction of voter fraud convictions have occurred in this country—as little as 0.0004% by some estimates—but this does not prove that voter fraud is NOT a problem.

While the “LAW” has always assumed that we’re all aware of its endless litany of statutes, most people, legitimately, don’t have a clue. Some crimes require the prosecution to prove both “knowledge aforethought” and “intent” in order to gain a conviction.

Fraud—voter or any other version—is one of those crimes! Prosecutors must prove that defendants KNEW that they were committing fraud AND that they INTENDED to defraud.

False pattern recognition is a bummer and the primary cause of erroneous statistical inference.

So, statistically speaking, perhaps a more accurate inference is that the small percentage of voter fraud convictions is due to, for the most part, an inherent difficulty in obtaining a conviction, rather than to an inference that voter fraud ISN’T a problem.

And please understand that I’m not taking sides here; voter fraud MAY or MAY NOT be a problem. I’m simply saying that we need to look at a lot more than just convictions to conclude, even reasonably, that it ISN’T a problem.

“Not guilty” does not automatically translate to “INNOCENT.” There is sometimes a sizable gap between “legal” guilt (whatever prosecutors can prove beyond a reasonable doubt) and “REAL” guilt or innocence (whatever defendants have ACTUALLY done or not done).

Informed discussion is often light years from the standard Left/Right hissy fit “expertise” that attempts to pass for intellect in the world of issue-oriented talk radio/TV. Either side! Rush Limbaugh or Al Sharpton.

Partisan dumb-asses, again on ALL sides of the issues, thrive on the comfort and convenience provided by INTUITIVE logic, and they hate it with a passion whenever COUNTER-INTUITIVE REALITY rips their comfy world to shreds.

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