About 30-years ago, broadcast media owners, motivated by an irresistible urge to maximize their bottom lines, decided to transfer their news divisions from overhead centers to profit centers. The impact on the quality of candid news reporting has plummeted ever since.

So now broadcast outlets only send us “pretend” news—especially the cable ones. These “news” outlets now must form a niche and generate sufficient ratings just to stay on the air—whether the airways are radio or TV.

But in politics, a cardinal rule of cerebral logic—and most voters ALWAYS end up forgetting it—is that political beliefs are rooted in EMOTIONS. As such, people are always dumbfounded at the outcomes of elections because they also forget a fundamental tenet regarding the human condition.

They fail to realize that even the weakest-held emotion can NEGATE, at the speed of light, the strongest of well and long established facts. It’s the reason why Henry Kissinger came to say, “It is not a matter of what is true that counts, but a matter of what is perceived to be true.”

And so, the herd mentality came unto its own, and the media owners saw that this was good for their bottom lines. Thus these folks began employing issue-oriented radio and TV talk show “hosts,” as their electronic sheep herders.

And while it has been made demonstrably manifest over the past 20-years that nothing influences an insane herd mentality like a dedicated cadre of shrewd, fear-mongering partisan electronic sheepherders, it’s critical for reasonable people to understand that it’s the abject stupidity of the heard that’s the most critical part of the process.

So whether the stench is coming from the grazing pastures on Left or from the ones on the Right is immaterial; it all stinks and it’s in dire need of an urgent and methodical fumigating.

I’m rapidly approaching three-quarters of a century of living on this planet, and with it comes the realization that that those exit signs I’m seeing along life’s interstate are beckoning to ME.

As such, my perspective on the problems we face as a nation goes well beyond blaming everything on American politics. Nor do I care in the least who it might upset.

The problems this nation is facing are rooted in human nature; the politics involved amount to nothing more than myriad stabs at forestalling the inevitable. And the inevitable is that the United States will eventually join the list of other great civilizations that have gone before it.

If we examine history carefully, we discover that every great democracy before us began unraveling the moment that people discovered how to vote themselves windfalls from the public treasury.

Once that happens, people begin voting for those sugar daddies who are able to deliver the most “sugar.” It’s a skill that we’ve honed to a level of absolute precision. And relative to the recipients of all that “sugar,” it does not matter whether the elected sugar daddies represent the Right or Left.

Stupid fiscal maneuvers rip the very foundation out of democracies, and on their way to world irrelevancy, they gradually devolve into some form of freedom-devoid governance: some level of socialism at best, or an outright or effective form of dictatorship at worst.

And speaking of perspective, history remains the least expensive and the most effective early warning system humans have ever had. But we rarely, if ever, heed it. Nor is it ever going to change.

Contrary to what we’ve been taught throughout our lives, we DON’T live in a 3-dimensional world; we live in a 4-dimensional world. The 4th dimension is TIME. But a combination of the nature of time and the fact that humans persistently ignore historical mistakes, presents a serious dilemma for humans.

Time consists of three stages: the past, now, and the future. And while we’re able to UNDERSTAND life BACKWARDS, we can’t actually go back in time and change anything. And the only way we can physically LIVE life is FORWARD.

But understanding life backwards is totally useless to a species confined to living life forward while seldom viewing history as an early warning system. Unless this changes—and throughout history, nothing even remotely suggests that it will—we’ll continue making the same stupid fundamental mistakes until we ultimately annihilate ourselves.

But while we’re waiting for this to happen, it pays for us to consider the reality that history does, in fact, repeat itself. And, as reliable as good old “clock-work,” it becomes almost exponentially more expensive every time it does!

So if people want some historical perspective, grab your history books and go way back to take a critical gander at every great democracy that’s ever dawned on this planet: the Roman Empire, the Greeks, or whichever. You will note that, in the aggregate, the average effective longevity has been about 230-years—and note the term, EFFECTIVE.

Their TOTAL lifespans may have been longer, but most of that extra time was spent on life-support, in much the same way that people suffering from terminal lung cancer eventually die after painfully wasting away to nothing.

But also note that all of these once great civilizations followed the same time-line from their respective births to their ultimate demises: from bondage to spiritual awakening, from self-liberation to the horn of plenty, to self-interests to self-satisfaction to indifference, then back to dependency, and ultimately, either back to bondage or simply disappearing from the theater of world relevancy.

At this point, where America falls on this continuum is a matter of opinion. While the longevity cycle will repeat, I’m going to be long dead by the time it does, so my opinion is irrelevant. Other mileages will vary.

Now, respecting SCIENCE, RATIONALITY, and LOGICAL REASONING, don’t get me started. This country, TODAY, is a laughing stock to the rest of the world relative to hard science.

As I type this, influential members of the Republican Party—and I’m a registered Republican—are salivating over the prospect of their becoming committee chairs involving matters of science, medicine, etc.

Some of these folks firmly believe that God created the Earth less than 10,000-years ago, and that humans have had nothing whatsoever to do with climate change. And just how did they come by these beliefs?

A Christian Bishop by the name of Ussher, back in the 1600s, took bible in hand. He went back to the beginning . . . to Adam and Eve. From there he extrapolated all of the “begats,” and from this he set the creation date for this planet at October 23, 4004 BC, some 6,000-plus years ago.

To these people, AIDS, Ebola, etc. are punishments from God thrust on this country and the rest of the world for such egregious sins as birth control, abortion, and homosexuality.

As well, this same crowd has no idea how, nor do they have any desire at all to correlate the monumental spike in CO2 emissions to the last 300-years surrounding the world’s industrial revolutions.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg relative to their scientific ignorance. I could list tons more of it, but it would take way too much space, and it’s too depressing.

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