Watch your MOUTH, dummy!

This week’s piece is going to be brief and to the POINT.

I’ve had it to my eyeballs with people bellyaching about their religious liberties being in peril because homosexuals want the right to marry each other; or that their free speech rights are at risk because others criticize what they’ve said.

Whether the topic is religion, human sexuality, crime, politics, birth control, or whatever, the list of complaints is seemingly endless. There is no shortage of dweebs echoing their disagreements.

I’m not going to go into endless detail here. But the fact is that many people say and do incredibly stupid things based on nothing more than their own sense of intuitive topical logic concerning the 1st Amendment, and then they become enraged whenever counter-intuitive reality makes them look like mindless fools.

Here’s the thing. If you opt to say something amazingly stupid, or you decide to act like a blooming jackass, don’t blame the media for the negative backlash you receive when they (the media) report what you’ve said or done.

Regarding the list of topics above, as well as others, we don’t GUT the 1st Amendment in order to prevent the news media, or any other source—individual or group—from reporting what people have said; it’s not a Constitutional issue.

If any person or persons feel that the media has damaged their reputations, they have civil recourses. It’s not like it’s too expensive; most attorneys will take on such cases on a contingency basis. In other words, if they don’t win a judgment; they don’t get paid.

In my estimation, the human MOUTH is the number ONE culprit when it comes to most people getting themselves into trouble. And the primary reason for this is a dismal lack of training.

In this country, training is emphasized for everything from cleaning restrooms to managing multi-million dollar enterprises. Training! Training! TRAINING!

Yet, when it comes to the simple act of SPEAKING, some people appear totally devoid of ANY ability to train their mouths NOT to say EVERYTHING that their brains are THINKING.

The bulk of them are nothing more than bloviating self-anointed “experts” on the Bill of Rights who tend to populate the areas of politics, religion, and PUNDIT broadcasting.

And in the majority of these cases, unless the quotes are taken completely out of context, it’s not the news media that gets any these people into real trouble; the media merely reports whatever’s been said.

In my estimation, over the past 30-years in particular, we’ve been watching a silly-ass attempt by 2-digit IQs to prevent everyone else’s “nonsense” from interfering with their own “bullshit.”

Again, speaking for myself ONLY, I’m a firm believer that if people choose to use their mouths to show how incredibly stupid they are, not just the news media, but ALL of us, should have an inalienable right to point it out.

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