WATCH OUT; there’s an ATHEIST!

They popped up out of nowhere: the questions, “Do Muslims scare you?” and “Have you seen the increase in the number of atheists in this country over the past TWO years?”

Oh, and those questions came with a warning that we should be just as worried about atheists as “we” are about Muslims.

Then that poster emphatically stated, as fact, that atheists have reached 25% of the U. S. population in JUST the last TWO years!

Well, I’m glad I read that post because I didn’t know I’m supposed to be scared of Muslims OR atheists.

But, after reading that post, the only thing that scares me is THAT poster; he’s an IDIOT. And, even worse, he’s not the ONLY one out there! is a solid, unbiased source of all statistics involving religion. They publish an annual report.

You can click here for the Pew website. But, if you want to go directly to their latest report on religion in the United States, click here instead. Notice the effective date of the report (April 14, 2012). Cowabunga, that’s YESTERDAY!

I’m not qualified to condemn OR defend religious beliefs. They’re based PURELY on faith alone. As such, they’re beyond the scope of rationalism. In other words, there’s NO empirical proof either way; so believe as you wish.

Since the human species’ arrival on this planet, we’ve prematurely and habitually relegated EVERYTHING we don’t understand to GOD. If you’re comfortable with this, fine.

But, it’s also OK if you’re NOT comfortable with it. I’m NOT; and, I’m not even an atheist.

It takes blind, absolute iron-willed decisiveness to declare oneself an atheist. I’m not THAT decisive; so, I’m an agnostic. I simply don’t know! But, this isn’t the point here.

I’ve never been big on believing in things without some evidence to support them, especially when what I’m told to believe is without parallel and spread by those with no more empirical knowledge than I have.

But, again, this is a topic for a future post. My point here is to ease the fear of an atheist/Muslim threat to self-righteous Christians.

And, to this end, I’ll simply lay out the NUMBERS compiled by Pew Research and the CIA World Fact Book for 2012 (estimated).

I’m not making this stuff up. Click here for the Fact Book. Once there, click on “People and Society;” then, scroll down to “Population;” and, right below that is “Age Structure.”

Then click back—here it is again—to the Pew report on religions and contrary beliefs in the United States.

You’ll note that our current population is an estimated 313,847,465 people. But, since Pew only counts adults, I’ll do the same by counting ONLY those in the 15-years and over age brackets.

Within that age bracket there’s an estimated 250,342,231 people, of which—according to Pew—78.4% claim some derivation of Christianity: around 196,268,309 people.

Also, according to Pew, Muslims represent 0.6% (SIX-TENTHS of ONE percent) of the believing population in this country. This establishes our Muslim population at an estimated 1,502,053 people.

Pew also estimates the atheist population at 1.6% of the belief crowd: about 4,005,475 atheists.

But, since the real scare concerns Muslims and the “growing” number of atheists, we can stop counting here.

So apparently, 1,502,053 Muslims are threatening 196,268,309 Christians. REALLY? Christians outnumber the Muslims in the United States by a ratio of 131 to 1.

Is someone expecting me to believe that, if it comes to a battle, 131 Christians can’t kick 1 Muslim’s butt?

On the atheist front, about 4,005,475 atheists are threatening those same 196,268,309 Christians. The Christians outnumber atheists by a ratio of 50 to 1 and the CHRISTIANS are worried!

Religion has the potential for accomplishing a great deal of good in this world; but, not this way. All of this hatred, fear-mongering, and killing in the name of religion has to stop. It’s childishness with the most deadly of results.

Since the advent of the human race, good people have done good things while evil people have done evil things. This will continue with or without religion. But, EVIL is at its worst when it’s committed in the name of religion.

Truly dangerous religious leaders are those who are able to convert untested dogma into their OWN enduring truths. Of course, they also need the allies of institutional power and the passage of time.

While the Federal Government endorses no “OFFICIAL” religion, by virtue of its generosity in granting myriad tax exemptions and deductions, it DIRECTLY endorse multitudes of “UNOFFICIAL” religions.

And, this would not be a problem at all were it not for the fact that, although it does so unintentionally, it INDIRECTLY subsidizes the inevitable religious hatreds and bigotries that go along with them.

Living in a country where groups of PHONY Christians trot out the Bible and Ten Commandments as a reliable trump-card to circumvent the Constitution whenever it’s convenient to do so, one gets a realistic sense of the hidden problems created whenever religion gets too chummy with politics.

If we continue to politicize religion—Christianity or otherwise—by forcing elective wannabes to pander to the religious phonies among us, all we’ll do is destroy this great nation.

We’ll eventually eliminate our status as a Secular Republic that grants a freedom to practice all religions and reestablish ourselves as a Theocratic Republic that recognizes, and ENFORCES only ONE!

If Sharia Law upsets you—it terrifies most Americans—you’d better not just SUPPORT separation of church and state; you’d better DEMAND it in no uncertain terms.

Because, at the rate some of the current crop of Republican AND Democrat wannabes is pandering to the religious PHONIES among us, we’ll soon have our own version of the “moral” police, along with religious synods devoted to the righteous execution of infidels.

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