Vote for him? NO, but…

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In the meantime, someone sent me an article—click here to read it—concerning Ron Paul, a current Republican candidate for U. S. President. It concerns Ron Paul’s refusal to participate in a debate moderated by Donald Trump. I agree with Dr. Paul’s position.

But, as you’ll see if you continue reading, I’m not likely to vote for Ron Paul simply because I disagree with more of his political positions than the ones with which I agree.

But, in no way do I question Dr. Paul’s integrity (political and personal), principles, or his qualifications to be President of the United States. On the other hand, I wouldn’t trust Donald Trump—in any aspect—as far as I can throw him.

Politicians, by nature, have enormous egos that are thoroughly lacquered over with numerous coats of humility and affability to fabricate a pleasant facade. Ron Paul suffers from NEITHER, excessive ego nor lack of humility.

However, due to his plainspoken bluntness, affability does not seem to be his long coat. He’s an unapologetic Libertarian for whom positional consistency is now, and always has been, paramount. In addition, he’s a candidate who refuses to bow to the status-quo political correctness that now permeates the Beltway.

This has boded very well for him as the elected Representative from the 14th congressional district in the sovereign State of Texas. His constituency has regularly sent him back to Washington, DC for a total of 12-terms. He not only talks the Conservative talk, he WALKS it.

He’s never wavered as much as a millimeter relative to his positions on foreign policy and monetary policy. Though eligible, he’s never signed up for pension benefits nor will he accept a pension when he leaves Congress at the end of his current term—he’s already announced that he’ll not seek another term.

And, given the state of political discourse in this country today, I don’t blame his one bit. He’s no spring chicken and he certainly does not need this kind of partisan hissy fitting.

As a board certified physician, he refused to accept Medicare or Medicaid payments, even though many of his patients qualified for these programs. Instead, he either lowered his fees or waived them altogether for patients legitimately unable to pay.

I agree with SOME of Dr. Paul’s positions, but I disagree with too many of his other ones; I’m too center-right. But, even if I agreed with him on ALL of his positions, I’d only doom myself to perpetual disappointment. Such a candidate, of ANY party, cannot be elected in this country—at least not in what remains of my lifetime.

The electorate in this country bellows incessantly about its demands for candidates who value political honesty stated bluntly and with complete openness, but we consistently reward lying ass promises of Camelot and other fairy tales.

People like Ron Paul don’t stand a chance at the national level of political discourse because the public constantly labels candidates who dispense needed doses of reality as lacking in affability.

Donald Trump is light-years from being in the same intellectual and moral league as Ron Paul. The “Donald,” in my opinion, is an egocentric asshole. I wouldn’t trust him to give me the right time of day, let alone vote for him for ANY office.

Joe Walther is a freelance writer and publisher of The True Facts. You may comment on his column by clicking here.

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