Verbal diarrhea and typical pontificating Bible-thumpers!

To start, let me make a few of my own proclamations regarding religion, its related politics, and the inevitability of judging human sexuality.

First, one of the easiest tasks that politicians will ever complete is repealing freedoms that people don’t even know that they have. Of course, they always do it under the guise of “protecting” our religious rights.

Passing laws that force everyone to adhere to our personal beliefs is not about protecting religious freedoms; it’s all about repealing the religious rights of those who disagree.

We’re free to believe as we choose, and to express that belief as we choose. We cannot, however, use that freedom to deny others their legitimate freedoms to believe and to express their beliefs as they choose.

If you’re paid from the public till to perform marriage ceremonies or issue marriage certificates, you are free to believe that same sex marriages are sinful. But, you’d better issue the certificate and/or perform the ceremony. Otherwise, you’re just another law-breaking public servant.

Second, one of the easiest things for humans to do is to spot well-informed people. Inevitably, their views are virtually identical to our own.

And nothing has revolutionized this notion like the Internet has. The amazing thing about it is that people can be just about anything they choose on the Internet. Yet so many of them choose to be abjectly stupid.

For instance, people are still denying that climate change is real, and the ones who can no longer deny it with a straight face, still deny that humans have been its primary cause over the past 300-years.

It’s not necessary to hold science academic credentials to see it. Simply look at the history of carbon emissions, paying particular attention to the past 300-years.

The graph goes up almost vertically beginning around 278-years ago. And guess what began about the same time? The world’s industrial revolutions began taking off like wild fires!

We’re driving ourselves to oblivion as a species. And it not just the United States, either. In fact, we’re doing more than our part to help curb a nasty situation. What about China and Russia? Check the facts; they’re talking a good talk, but that’s about all they’re doing.

Third, while it’s still true that every argument has at least two sides to it, if that argument involves politics, religion, or sexuality, there will be NO end to it!

And speaking of human sexuality specifically, Dr. Laura Schlesinger, an ultra-conservative radio talk show host and a PhD holder in Physiology, did what all Bible-thumping bigots love doing more than anything else when it comes to condemning homosexuals: quote Leviticus 18:22.

It absolutely proclaims; “You shall not lie with a male as with a woman; it is an abomination.” But it’s amazing how Dr. Laura and her phony ilk always forget scads of Leviticus’s other absolutes.

For example, it’s a no-no for men to have any contact with women during their menstrual period according to Leviticus, but how does one know when this occurs?

Of course we could always ask Donald Trump; he seems to know (almost instinctively) when women are on their “periods” simply by the mean questions they ask him during presidential debates.

Leviticus also declares the eating of shellfish an abomination, but he never did clarify which was a greater abomination: eating shellfish or homosexuality.

Also according to Leviticus, men receiving haircuts is strictly forbidden, and those who do should be put to death.

And apparently playing football is out, since touching the skin of a dead pig makes the toucher unclean according to Leviticus 11:16-8.

According to Leviticus, a whole slew of actions are punishable by death, but never so much as a passing mention by the Bible-thumpers until someone mentions homosexuality.

I really don’t have a problem with sincere, church-going believers as long as such people leave judgments at the front door. However, the more I see of them, the more I’m convinced that most churches are nothing more than museums for saints!

As for Laura Schlesinger, she should refrain from interpreting the will of God. And you know what else? She should stay as far away from Leviticus as she can get; guess why.

I’ll bet my last dollar that the outfit she’s wearing on any given day is made from two—or even more—different kinds of thread (cotton/polyester blend)

Leviticus really hates this! It’s another one of his absolute abominations. And according to her own words, people should not get Leviticus pissed off at them! He’s really into smiting.

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