To the hordes of Pro-Life phonies!

This week’s topic concerns the anti-abortion movement in this country, and it’s going to be brief and to the point.

In the interests of positional clarification, being a married man, I believe that whether a woman should or should not abort a fetus should be a joint decision involving the woman, her husband (or partner if available), and HER physician.

Abortion is a complex issue that involves more than the just the health of the mother, and treating it as an absolute is simply stupid. I have yet to meet anyone, especially women, who did not think long and hard about ending a pregnancy via abortion.

The “holier-than-thou” types need to stop taking themselves so seriously. And there are hordes of them, most of whom tend to come from the Right side of the political aisle, as well as from the absolutist branch of Bible-thumpers, Inc.

I’m not going to preach. I’m just going to leave you with two distinctly different quotes from two very religious people, the first of whom is an ancient sanctimonious twit—just read his biography.

The second one comes from a living Nun, Sister Joan Chittister, O.S.B. She’s the embodiment of the very real notion that absolutism is rarely applicable, even in matters of religious doctrine.

Here’s the first one. “Any woman who has not given birth to as many children as she is capable, is guilty of murder.” The quote comes from St. Augustine (354-430 A.D).

The dude was one of the most revered officials in the history of Roman Catholicism. But in my mind, he was nothing more than the Mike Huckabee of his time—a genuine idiot.

But fear not; there’s hope for us realists. The second quote comes from Sister Joan, and in my mind, it smacks the phony pro-lifers right between their eyes.

And I’m not claiming that ALL pro-lifers are phony; they’re not. Sister Joan Chittister is living proof of this. Here’s her quote.

“I do not believe that just because you’re opposed to abortion, that that makes you pro-life. In fact, I think in many cases, your morality is deeply lacking if all you want is a child born but not a child fed, not a child educated, not a child housed. And why would I think that you don’t? Because you don’t want any tax money to go there. That’s not pro-life. That’s pro-birth. We need a much broader conversation on what the morality of pro-life is.”

If you happen to be one of the ones running around with placards condemning abortion in the absolute sense, I suggest that you think about what Sister Joan has said.

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