THIS is whom the R's WANT?!

By now, even the comatose know that Newt Gingrich won the South Carolina primary in a virtual landslide over Mitt Romney. Note, it doesn’t mean—at least NOT at this point—that Newt’s the inevitable Republican nominee to run against Barack Obama next November.

But, nonetheless, it’s a scary prospect, not because Newt’s an inherently evil human—He’s NOT—but because a severe political Jekyll/Hyde Syndrome has foreshadowed his behavior for years. In other words, electing him would subject us to the constant worry of wondering which of the two would show up for work in the Oval Office on any given day.

I’m going to digress for a few paragraphs before getting back to my point about Newt and the rest of the current Republican hopefuls.

In clarification of my position on this, understand that I’m a Republican, duly registered as such since 1961, the year I became legally eligible to vote—one had to be 21-years old back then. But, also understand that I’m a proud, card-carrying MODERATE Republican.

This means that I don’t adhere to the extreme dogma that all Republicans walk on water while all Democrats belong in Dante’s lowest circle of hell.

The fact is that unrestrained single party dominance spells mega-problems for America every time it happens. It just seems a lot worse whenever Republican Party dominance is in the preponderance.

And, even this does not mean that the Republican Party is more evil-minded than the Democratic Party is; the Democratic Party is every bit as menacing. It’s just that the Republicans are much better at getting things done THEIR way.

In open general elections, the Republicans always adhere to THEIR party-imposed prime directive: remain united to WIN the election FIRST, and then bicker.

Not so with the Democrats. They continue demonstrating an amazing propensity for losing elections rather than compromise individual points in the interest of uniting the party.

For the first two years of Obama’s Administration, these clowns controlled the White House, the House of Representatives, AND the United States Senate. Yet, they could NOT pass a budget.

And, over the FIRST 4-years of Obama’s White House, other than health-care reform—and even this they did in a half-assed, through-the-back-door way—they’ve (the Democrat collective) not accomplished anything worth discussing.

Or, at the least, it seems this way simply because the Democrats, as a collective, have spent far too much time whining about “unfairness” than they’ve spent doing anything about it. If, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are the crème de la crème of the Democratic Party, the Democrats are doomed!

OK, back to my Newt point and why I think he trounced Mitt in South Carolina, the birthplace, by the way, of modern-day Atwaterian rotten, filthy politics. Mr. Gingrich owes John King, a CNN debate moderator, a huge debt of gratitude.

He gave Newt the ultimate forum for hissing out a self-righteous criticism of what Republicans in general consider an anti-Republican bias in the news media. And, when this happens in a place like South Carolina, it opens Extreme City’s floodgates.

And, how did John King react to Newt’s tirade? Passively, in an all-too-familiar Casper Milquetoast, politically correct blandness that pervades this nation’s modern-day news media, aka WUSSIES who care more about their hairdos than they do about investigative excellence.

The question was fair game, NOT because of any attempt to castigate Newt as the ONLY politician with the unmitigated gall to have dipped his wick into a source of perceived carnal delight OUTSIDE the vows of matrimonial commitment, but rather because it went to the heart of Newt’s monumental Elmer Gantrian moral phoniness.

Remember how he criticized Bill Clinton all the while doing it himself? Had I been the moderator of that debate, I would not only have asked the same question, I would also have implied his current wife’s complicities in the matter for having welcomed AND rewarded the advances of someone she surely new to be a MARRIED man.

And, when Newt launched into his tirade of moral indignation, I would have cut him off at the knees with an Edward R. Murrow-type of scorching retort, the likes of which would have made his demolition of the late Senator Joseph McCarthy look like child’s play. Newty would have slunk out of that studio bleeding from that fat butt of his.

Nor, would I have done it to propel Mitt Romney into the winner’s circle. I’m not crazy about him, either. He’s just as phony as Newt is, only in a much different way.

Mitt’s a rich man; he’s a certified member of the 1%, which isn’t a crime in itself. Shirtsleeve Americans do not condemn people BECAUSE they happen to be financially rich.

Agree or disagree with his politics, Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) was one of the most beloved and respected Presidents this country had ever elected. He was in his FOURTH term when he died. And, had he NOT died, he may have won a FIFTH term had he chosen to stand for reelection.

Yet, no one ever questioned the notion that he was light-years from pauper status socio-economically speaking. The man oozed quasi-aristocracy from his pores. And, he NEVER pretended otherwise.

His perpetual message was of hope and confidence for America and her people. And, whenever he delivered one of his radio fireside chats with them, they experience a hope-based calmness that seemed to originate from FDR’s confidence in his own leadership demeanor.

Mitt Romney should take some notes on FDR and stop pretending he’s just a run-of-the-mill struggling “Joe” just for the sake of winning the Republican nomination. It gives him the transparency of a freshly Windexed huge bay window.

As well, the entirety of this batch of Republican candidates owes a deep debt of gratitude to Barack Obama and the Democrats for doing their level best to blow it big time. Otherwise, the lot of them would be appearing as even bigger political jokes than is currently the case.

Joe Walther is a freelance writer and publisher of The True Facts. Click here to comment.

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