They GOT him!

Unless you’ve been comatose or living in a cave sans electricity for the past month and a half or so, you’ve undoubtedly heard that the police finally caught Eric Frein.

If you’re watching the TV updates concerning this, you’ve also noticed a gash on the bridge of his nose, another one above his left eye, and a few minor scrapes to the left side of his face.

While I’d like to verbalize my exact sentiments concerning his “injuries,” I won’t because I refuse to use that kind of language in my writings. So let me express my feelings about it this way: BOO-HOO, and for the record, I slept just fine last night.

But also for the record, I’ve received 27-emails expressing various levels of disdain for, as one emailer put it, “just one more example of police excessive force.”

Now, I don’t give a flying damn about Eric Frein’s welfare, but instead of addressing those 27-emailers privately, I’m going to do it here, publicly.

First, I don’t classify two small gashes and a few scratches as a “beating,” as another emailer put it. I’ve witnessed far worse than this during take-downs of people being arrested for far less serious crimes.

Second, had these officers surrendered to their primal urges to “beat” the man, he’d look a lot worse than he did in the images we’ve seen.

The fact is, that even during routine cuffings where suspects are face-down with police officers on top of them to restrain them, it often gets physically uncomfortable for the arrestees.

And the officers, in all sincerity, may bellow commands of “relax” and “stay still” until they’re blue in their faces, but the dude—sometimes a dudette—being restrained face down on the ground and having difficulty breathing, is not going to relax.

But in THIS case, there is a small suspicion—pure speculation on my part, mind you—to which I eagerly admit.

Frein was taken into custody by federal officers, and then turned over to the Pennsylvania State Police. And if you care to research such matters—I’ve been doing so for the past 11-years—you’ll find that, while it happens, federal officers are far less likely to use excessive force than are the locals.

Standard protocol at the Pike County Courthouse has always been that once the proceedings are over, and defendants are remanded, they’re escorted—cuffed and shackled—through a rear door to a secure lot, put into a police transport vehicle, and taken to a prison facility to await trial.

There are reasons for this protocol: security and the safety of police officers, onlookers, and the prisoners, themselves. But state police actions notably deviated this time—in fact one reporter noted that it was the first time in over 25-years that a defendant was taken from the courthouse through the front door.

Don’t misunderstand me; I think this dude’s a piece of crap. The evidence against him is overwhelming. And with his self-declared bad-ass personality, if some inmate doesn’t kill him beforehand, the State of Pennsylvania will try him, convict him, and then execute him.

But relative to the state police in this case, that they cuffed him with the handcuffs of the police officer he murdered, and then transported him to their barracks in that murdered officer’s formerly assigned squad car, were nice touches—VERY nice touches.

But personally, I’m more concerned—more a matter of curiosity, actually—with why they deviated from such a long-standing safety protocol by taking him out the front door of the courthouse instead of the back door.

It does make me wonder what kind of shape Eric Frein may have been in had it been 3 or 4 Pennsylvania State Troopers who had originally taken him into custody.

Not that I’d have lost any sleep over it . . . I’m just sayin’! However, here’s an additional point I want to make.

We define terrorism as the use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of social, political, and economic ends. And the sociopaths who murder and maim innocent people in the process, are TERRORISTS.

These people are human cockroaches who rationalize and justify moral indignation and justification for murdering innocent people. And it doesn’t matter whether they’re Middle East jihadists doing so in the name of Allah, or home grown Americans like Timothy McVeigh and John Allen Muhammad.

As a civil society, we need to get rid of them by fumigating the place on a periodic schedule. Simply turning on the lights and watching them scurry back under the baseboards accomplishes nothing other than giving them more opportunities to breed.

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