The problem’s NOT insincerity; it’s conscientious STUPIDITY!

I’ve quoted the late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. many times since beginning this BLOG back in January of 2003. Herewith is another of his on-the-money gems: “Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.”

Punctuating sincere ignorance with certainty does not eliminate ignorance; it merely magnifies its level of stupidity, conscientiousness notwithstanding!

I’m not talking about occasional PASSIVE stupidity; we’re all guilty of this from time to time.

But some people pursue stupidity aggressively and we need to monitor such people closely because they have no idea that they’re aggressively stupid. The news media doesn’t do it, especially the 24-hour partisan cable “news” channels.

But facts are STILL facts; they’re absolute and they’re not dependent on our BELIEFS. Lies are lies no matter what we choose to BELIEVE.

Our problems arise whenever people filter FACTS through ideology. And in no two fields is this more prevalent than in politics and religion.

Religion is a topic for another time. For now, though, the fact is that myriad political factions decide their own truths. Sometimes they’re based on facts; sometimes they’re based partially on facts, and at other times, they’re completely devoid of facts.

This is what often makes it possible—likely is more appropriate—for decent people, using the same absolute facts, to arrive at totally opposite—but often legitimate—truths.

As voters, however, our prime directive is to dig our way through an endless maze of ideologically-based “truth” founded on NO facts at all. But this has become ever more difficult to do over the past 30-years. And it’s become virtually impossible to do with the recent advent of the Tea Party Movement!

Ideologues believe what they want to believe; facts do not alter their beliefs. They don’t seek facts; they seek validation for their preconceived beliefs. And there is no shortage of validation via the Internet.

Various iterations of ideologues have gained dominate access to the nation’s news outlets through an endless array of partisan blogs, often based on nothing BUT mindless ideology, 24-hour partisan “news” channels (catering to—take your pick—extremes of either the RIGHT or LEFT), and a continuous parade of print media commentators ALL huckstering their own preconceived notions.

People in possession of 3-digit IQs have always known that the more we know about the details of our social, economic, political, and technical problems, the more difficult it is to arrive at workable solutions.

Details are critical for reasonably intelligent people. But no matter how difficult the solutions seem, arrive at them we will as long as we’re willing to embrace reasonable compromise that serves the greatest good.

Not everyone is going to think every solution is FAIR nor is everyone going to be happy. But, on the other hand, rarely is EVERYONE happy about EVERYTHING.

The problem isn’t so much with partisan ideologues as much as it is with the even more mindless duds that follow their every word. And the ideologues know very well that details are not necessary for idiots.

Such people aren’t going to understand the details ANYWAY; so it’s just a waste of time and bandwidth to provide them. In fact, the ideologues know that it is far more efficient to simply MAKE STUFF UP, which they do much of the time.

Politics has become a dangerous version of Reality TV. It’s now an endeavor obsessed with wins and losses based on which side can inflict the greatest level of humiliations and insults.

The news media focuses on our most insignificant and slightest differences. It’s what sells advertising because TV/radio executives know that we Americans—at least the dumb ones do—demand to be entertained. The lowest common denominator now rules the airways and they’re not the least bit interested in our massive political commonalities.

I’m 73-years old. I’ve been a Conservative—registered Republican—for 52 of those years. But I have never been more embarrassed to have been so associated as I have been over these past 12-years in particular.

Not counting what we witnessed during the Republican Party debates from the likes of Michele Bachmann, not a day has since gone by that we haven’t been treated to additional blathering stupidity from the ranks of pea-brained “Republicans” like Todd Akin, Ralph Hall, Dana Rohrabacher, Paul Broun, and Richard Mourdock.

In the 2008 general election, I didn’t vote FOR Barack Obama as much as I voted AGAINST Sarah Palin as well as against an emerging horde of think-alike mindless Tea Partyers.

But Obama hasn’t done a whole lot to silence these idiots. In fact, it seems to have become even worse.

The News Journal hit it square on. Read about it by clicking here. I’ve been terribly disappointed with his performance to date. But I also agree with The News Journal (same report) relative to Mitt Romney.

I don’t doubt Romney’s sincerity, but I wouldn’t trust his running mate, Paul Ryan, as far as I can throw him. The fact is that a vote for Romney nets us every ideological nut he’s endorsed including the clueless Paul Ryan.

Only Paul Ryan, like John McCain’s Sarah Palin would-have-been, will be but a heartbeat from the Presidency. He’s every bit as nuts as the Republicans I mentioned above regarding both the religious stuff and his philosophical determination to privatize Social Security and replace Medicare with a voucher system.

At 73-years old with preexisting conditions, I pay almost $7,000 a year for Medicare. And there are times that, even with this government administered program, I still have some substantial out-of-pocket expenses to pay.

I’m no pauper; I can afford it. Others cannot! But the fact is that I couldn’t come anywhere near this level of coverage if I had to purchase commercial health insurance. Ryan’s annual $8,000 voucher for me to buy it wouldn’t put a dent in what it would cost me or any other senior citizen, as well.

No thank you!

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