The Greatest Danger

The greatest danger in this country is the incredible genius of our marketing experts and their capability of predicting the absolute stupidity of the American people. And the greater the stupidity factor, the less brilliant the marketing factor needs to be.

And what a God-send . . . the Internet!

The ease with which it facilitates shallow, clueless blowhards connecting with other pompous clueless blow-hards in a vast circle-jerk of pretentiousness is absolutely stunning.

Although, on a positive note, it put to rest as blatantly false, the stupid notion—whoever predicted it—that “a million monkeys randomly pounding on a million keyboards would eventually type out the complete works of William Shakespeare.”

Which, once again, brings me to Donald Trump . . .

He’s still a relentless onslaught of absurdity; still spewing satire and reality as one and the same.

He’s a demagogue who appeals to the lowest common denominator. And, while the Liberals do have their lowest common denominators, it does, indeed, seem that there is no shortage of them in the GOP.

Politically, I’m an Independent. However, I do join a political party, Democrat or Republican, depending on which side has the most critical primaries.

But once the primary issues are decided, I vote independently in the general election that follows.

The GOP presents absolutely NOTING this time around. And, in spite of the monumental effort it will require for me to hold my nose and stifle my gag-reflex, I will be voting for Hillary Clinton.

She won’t be a colossal embarrassment to this country, and I trust her with the nuclear codes.

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