The “Don’t blame ME” syndrome!

About 12-years ago, a bill collector repossessed a young woman’s car from in front of a row house in a North Wilmington suburb. She’d fallen a couple of months behind in her payments because she had been laid off.

She had stopped in front of her house, and with the engine running, had rushed—a distance of no more than 25-feet—inside to get something she had forgotten to take with her earlier.

The entire episode (running into the house and returning to her car) took no more than about 20-seconds. But as luck would have it—BAD for her, GOOD for the bill collector—he was able to jump into the driver’s seat and drive away.

However, unbeknownst to him, the woman’s four year-old little girl was asleep in the back seat at the time. He had driven no more than a tenth of a mile before he realized the child was in the car

Long story short, it was a righteous repossession. The bill collector drove to the nearest State Police barracks and explained what had happened. They notified Child Services. For the young mother in question, everything went downhill from there.

Child Services noticed welts across the child’s buttocks and on the back of her legs. When they questioned the mother, she readily admitted to using a 3-foot length of plastic-coated clothes line to “keep her in line.”

When the state agent accused her of child abuse, she vehemently denied it. In her words—at least as far as I can remember them when I read the original account—“It ain’t child abuse. My mother beat me and I turned out OK.”

This woman sincerely believed that beating her child with a piece of plastic-coated clothes line was NOT child abuse; it was responsible parenting! It was, however, a prime example of a “Don’t Blame Me” syndrome!

Of course, this isn’t a real syndrome; I made it up. But we’re being swamped daily by blooming narcissistic idiots who conveniently blame every stupid thing they do on everyone else but themselves.

Less than a month ago, right here in New Castle County, we experienced a shooting inside the courthouse lobby. An idiot shot and killed—at pointblank range—two innocent women and then killed himself.

The entire incident was set in motion long ago by a prolonged nasty divorce and custody battle. I’m not going to rehash it here. The shooting made national headlines. You can read about it here if you’d like.

However, in this morning’s Sunday News Journal, the shooter’s wife blamed the whole thing on the judge presiding over the case. As well, you may read about it here if you so choose.

Keep in mind that Lenore Matusiewicz, the shooter’s wife, had aided and abetted her son’s kidnapping of his children from their mother and taking them out of the country; she even went with them.

When they were caught and brought back to the United States, she was tried, convicted of the charges, and spent time in federal prison for her role in the matter; as did her son who was additionally convicted of forgery.

But BEHOLD; the fatal shooting that killed two innocent women, one of whom was the mother of the Matusiewicz grandchildren, was a JUDGE’S fault, NOT her husband’s!

“If the judge had made the right decision, my husband, my daughter-in-law, and her friend would be alive,” she stated. The “Don’t blame ME” syndrome applied in spades!

By defining “right” in HER own terms, Lenore Matusiewicz, like most other narcissists, unconsciously categorized herself as nothing but a self-absorbed whack job. Furthermore, she should not be shocked by the fact that her son, the center piece for this entire divorce/custody dispute, turned out to be just like her.

Then there was the late Timothy McVeigh, another prime example of the “Don’t Blame ME” syndrome.” According to him, blowing up a federal building and killing hundreds of innocent people, including a score of young children, was NOT his fault.

He was merely defending the Constitution of the United States. It was the federal government’s fault that so many innocents had to die.

McVeigh was just another self-absorbed moron. We executed him, but we shouldn’t have. All that accomplished was convincing McVeigh in his own mind that he was a martyr to his own self-declared righteous cause.

Dying is definitely not the worst thing that can happen to people. It’s the last thing; but it’s by far not the worst thing! And it can even be a welcome thing for people like McVeigh. I wouldn’t have sentenced him to death.

I would have sentenced him to life with no chance of parole to be served inside the worst maximum security prison within the federal system, along with an added mandate that he had to serve it as a prisoner housed in the general prison population.

The list of examples is seemingly endless, but I’m going to list one more. It screams for recognition. It involves Cardinal Roger Mahony who’s currently at the Vatican as part of the Conclave to elect the next Pope of the Roman Catholic Church.

In Mahony’s case, the record is undeniable. He and other top archdiocese officials maneuvered DIRECTLY to shield pedophile priests, all in the name of protecting Holy Mother Church from embarrassment. And he lied to parishioners about it for years.

The evidence was so overwhelming that his successor, Archbishop Jose Gomez stripped him of his public and administrative duties regarding the largest diocese in the United States.

His response? He likened himself to Jesus Christ and the many humiliations that He endured for the salvation of mankind. Of course, Mahony left out an important fact; Jesus didn’t deserve HIS humiliations, but unmistakably, the Cardinal richly deserves HIS.

Has he apologized? NO, he has not. In his own words, “Given all of the storms that have surrounded me and the archdiocese of Los Angeles recently, God’s grace finally helped me to understand: I am not being called to serve Jesus in humility. Rather, I am being called to something deeper — to be humiliated, disgraced, and rebuffed by many.”

And adding insult to injury, he acknowledged confrontation by “many angry people.” But instead of humility and resignation to fact, he chose hutzpah!

“I could understand the depth of their anger and outrage at me, at the Church, at about injustices that swirl around us,” he wrote. “Thanks to God’s special grace, I simply stood there, asking God to bless and forgive them.”

In other words, it wasn’t his fault. It’s the “Don’t blame ME” syndrome in action. He’s just another present-day living saint in the service of Holy Mother Church.

But in reality, he’s just one more self-absorbed criminal bore who belongs in prison right along with his compatriot, former Boston Cardinal Bernard Francis Law, who (thanks to the late Pope, John II) is tucked safely in the Vatican out of the reach of U. S. Prosecutors.

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