Thank God—or whomever—for email!

I’ve been publishing this BLOG every Sunday afternoon since January of 2003. Reader stats show that a sizeable number of people now read it, but that’s not my primary motivator for writing it.

It’s not that I don’t really appreciate people reading it; I do, but it began as a means for me to let off emotional steam. And ever since then, I’ve released tons of it. Here’s some more.

I generally have no idea what I’m going to write until I sit my butt in front of my laptop and actually begin writing. However, this piece is an exception to my usual routine, thanks to an email I received about an hour before I began writing.

I’m going to do the author of that email a big favor and not publish his name . . . THIS time. But if he ever sends me this kind of putrefied babble again, I’ll plaster him all over the Internet.

This jerk told me he’s tired of people like me, and “millions” of others, constantly bashing Christians, and trying to shove our values down their throats.

I was unaware that I was bashing Christians. Most of the ones I know are non-judgmental, kind-hearted people who quietly live their religious values and leave others alone.

But he’s not one of these. He’s just a condescending twerp who’s prime objective is telling gay people that they can’t simultaneously be gay and Christian.

He’s obsessed with the term, transgender. And like all 2-digit IQ morons, he actually believes that these are just “guys wearing dresses.”

I awoke on puberty morning to having impure thoughts about Lulu Lovely. And for the life of me, I’ve never been able to figure out why. I’ve stopped trying to figure out why I’m “straight;” I just am.

Homosexuals awake on puberty morning to impure thoughts about other people. They can’t figure it out either.

But the fact is that people like this dweeb are simply phony. They’re nothing but arrogant pulpit bullies who self-designate themselves as entitled to tell people where they can pee, who they can marry, and whether or not that they actually love Jesus.

If he thinks I’m bashing him, he’s absolutely correct. And if he wants it to stop, he needs to cease being just another pretend “Christian” judgmentally sitting in the air looking “down” on decent people that idiots like him don’t deserve to sit next to!

And while I wish him a nice day, he shouldn’t hesitate, for even a second, to DROP DEAD . . . you know . . . should the thought occur.

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