Sometimes a letter just SCREAMS for a reply!

I am an avid newspaper reader. I read—skim, actually—some of them on-line, and I subscribe to hard-copies of others, including The News Journal. As always, of particular interest to me are the Op/Ed pages and SOME of the letters-to-the-editor.

I must emphasize that only SOME of the letters interest me to the point of a reply. Most of them are well-written and thoughtful. Others, are simply not worth the effort; “STUPID” is an adjective that readily pops into my head.

But occasionally, a letter appears that reeks of COLOSSAL stupidity while virtually SCREAMING for a reply. Click here to read Religion is vital, God-denier is foolish and wrong.

The problem with providing hyper-links to The News Journal (TNJ) articles is that I can’t guarantee how long they’ll remain active. So, to be safe, I’ve copied the letter, verbatim, below.

And, yes, I’m aware that TNJ may not like me doing this, but that’s tough toe-nails; I’ve been a full subscriber (home delivery plus on-line access) for many years. Anyway, the letter follows.

God-denier is foolish and wrong

The recent letter from a writer agreeing there is too much “God” in the public eye is totally appalling. He claims Christians are illiterate, ignorant and superstitious. And by the way, why are primates still being born? Shouldn’t they have all evolved by now according to the non-believers’ way of thinking? How sad it must be to have nothing to look forward to when your time is up.

I can attest to the fact that God is real because when I was dying in an ICU unit I never prayed so hard in my life when I felt “HIS” hands snatch me back from death and felt “HIS” tremendous power.

As far as mega-churches or false prophets benefiting from weak-minded people, as you refer to us Christians, this was all foretold in the most factual book ever written called the Bible. You might want to check it out to get an education on things you don’t understand.

I would love to be a fly on the wall when your time is up just to see who you cry out for.

J Mears

Now, I don’t know J Mears, and I want it to be perfectly clear. I’m not calling J Mears stupid; I’m calling J Mears’s LETTER stupid, and (at least in my mind) it’s in dire need of some comments. Let me begin with the first and last paragraphs.

The writer refers to a letter in which another writer apparently wrote some nasty things about Christians. I missed it; so I’ll take J Mears’s word for it.

But then Mears—in the same paragraph—digresses off into a wonderment as to why primates are still being born because they should all have EVOLVED by now.

“Evolved” to WHAT? Evolutionary biology is a fascinating scientific subject that explains a lot of things. But one does not find much about the subject in the Bible.

Evolution is a matter of science, and science inundates humanity with reams of questions, some of which may continue for eons eluding conclusive answers. The Bible, conversely, is about religion, which provides unlimited absolute answers, NONE of which are ever to be questioned.

As for contemplating any sadness by non-believers for not having anything to look forward to when their time is up (first paragraph, last sentence), I find it amusing.

Speaking ONLY for myself, knowing that I’m eventually going to die does not scare me. Instead, it makes me evermore grateful for the window of human consciousness that I’m enjoying. That I’m one day going to die has made me perpetually grateful for my family, friends, and all that makes up the wonder of human life.

Now, to address Mears’s second and third paragraphs, medical science provides far more viable answers than the Bible does.

Here’s the thing. Given all the research available on the topic, medical science can prove, with a reasonable scientific certainty, that synaptic transmission toxemia, accompanied by simultaneous dreamlike scenarios, mimics unconsciousness accompanied by the ability to “feel” things.

Compare this to the FACT that there is NO scientific proof that life after death is a reality, let alone that it will continue for eternity in places called heaven or hell. And note; I’m NOT claiming that it’s all pure doctrinal baloney, only that there is no proof that it ISN’T.

The Bible is 100% faith-based, and its adherents decree it as self-validating to boot. So whether the absolutists believers like it or not, they can’t use it to prove ANYTHING; faith is what people BELIEVE, not what they KNOW.

Science has taught me that there is no reason to fear death because once we’re gone, we’ll simply cease to exist. It won’t be eternally traumatic; we’ll have no idea that we’ve died or that we ever lived in the first place.

And death is NOT to be confused with the WAY in which we die. The latter worries the hell out of me—God, or NO God—notwithstanding.

But, on the other hand, I’m an agnostic, NOT an atheist. And as a heathen-ass scientist, I know there’s no such thing as an ABSOLUTELY sure thing, which is precisely why I do not dissuade believers—even those of J Mears’s pontificating ilk—from praying for my sin-oozing old butt. So let us pray!

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