Some people need to get a life!

I have some questions for the “Goddies” and the “non-Goddies,” as well. I asked these same questions 12-years ago, and I’m still waiting for the answers.

How does a high school principal get away with forbidding a history teacher from teaching the Declaration of Independence because it contains the term “God?” Yes, it’s actually happened from time to time.

Why would people with 3-digit IQs petition the United States Supreme Court to have the phrase “under God” removed from the Pledge of Allegiance to our country? It, too, has happened frequently.

Why would people attempt to have the phrase, “IN GOD WE TRUST,” removed from the currency of the United States? Yes, this also happens with amazing frequency.

And as I asked the above questions 12-years ago, I also asked the following questions in the same inquiry, but I’m still waiting for the answers to these, too.

Why is it necessary for myriad Conservative state-level politicians—and some national-level ones as well—to introduce legislation that would require public school officials to include a morning prayer at the start of each school day?

As well, many state legislative bodies have introduced bills—and they’re still doing it—requiring public schools to teach Creationism or Intelligent Design alongside of Evolution as part of legitimate science curricula? What’s the basis for this?

And why does marriage need a constitutional amendment to protect its “sanctity?” There’s nothing “sacred” about marriage. People abuse their marriage vows all the time. Check the divorce rate!

These issues are not keeping the bulk of this country awake at night. Most of the nation understands that we have too many other critical issues with which to deal.

But the fact is that extremes on both sides of the divide are absolutely obsessed with this stuff, and the media plays it to the hilt.

The first group consist of people who seem fatally allergic to religious symbolism of any kind. They go catatonic at the mere mention of “God.”

The second group consist of people who feel just as compelled to defend religious symbolism at all costs. To these folks think that any attempt to eliminate “God” from society will ultimately lead to all of us ending up in HELL for eternity.

However, in my opinion, both groups are as kooky as it gets; nor does either group accomplish anything more than getting on sane folks’ nerves with their never-ending obsession with intellectualizing simplicity (aka mental masturbation).

Pursuant to Religion, the 1st Amendment to our Constitution is quite explicit. It forbids GOVERNMENT from establishing an official religion. To wit: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.”

This does not suggest to me that we cannot use the term “God” in conjunction with State entities. Nor does it mean that the State must sever itself from ALL things religious. It simply means that the State may not recognize or give preferential treatment to any religion in particular.

If, for example, a group of people wishes to place a Christian manger scene in a town square, the law does not prohibit a State from granting the request as long as it does not deny the requests of all other religious groups, especially the ones that we don’t “like,” from making similar requests.

The same conditions apply to public school students starting each day with a prayer. Nothing actually prohibits this as long as all other religious factions are granted the same right.

As for the Pledge of Allegiance, I am old enough to remember pledging allegiance to our country BEFORE Congress added the phrase “under God”. As I recall, I was pledging my allegiance to the United States of America and the flag for which it stands.

To me, the pledge was about loyalty and had nothing to do with God. And putting God into it did not make it any more valid nor did it reduce its significance.

As for Creationism (or Intelligent Design) competing equally with Evolution, there is NO way. And if I hear one more God-type tell me that Evolution is “just” a theory, my head will explode.

Out of prolonged chaos come some well-established facts. Scientists gather these facts and decide to formulate a few hypotheses and test them. Over time, if these hypotheses result in substantial support, either observable or experimentally, scientists announce that they have a theory.

If that theory is able to explain a growing and diverse number of facts, scientists call the theory “robust”. If the theory consistently predicts newly observed phenomena, scientists label the theory “reliable”.

People use the terms “facts” and “theory” as though they are independent of each other; they are not.

Facts are things that happen. Theories attempt to explain why they happen. Once a theory fails to explain facts, it becomes “unreliable” and ultimately denounced by the scientific community. So, you see, a theory NEVER becomes a fact!

Religion explains absolutely nothing relative to nature’s facts. It does not matter one bit what else we call it, Creation Science or Intelligent Design. Evolution, on the other hand, is “robust” at a minimum. This is why it belongs in EVERY school’s—both private and public—science curriculum and why Intelligent Design does NOT!

Finally, as to protecting the “sanctity” of marriage with a constitutional amendment, the maneuver is a joke. The real point behind this move has nothing to do with the “sanctity” of marriage and everything to do with outlawing same sex marriages.

I’m a mid-seventies heterosexual old geezer. And as diligently as I’ve tried for decades to pin-point the moment at which I CHOSE to be “straight,” I’ve failed to figure it out.

As I approached puberty and grew into adulthood, my carnal desires have always been restricted to the Lulu Lovelies of the female persuasion. It wasn’t a choice on my part.


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