SOME odds and ends ARE important!

I’ve HAD it with the PRIMARIES. Maybe you have, too. But, in spite of all the Republican rhetoric projecting Barack Obama as a “one-termer,” my own PERSONAL polling—over just the last three months—indicates otherwise.

Between a virtual category-5 hurricane of hot air coming out of the primaries on the Right and some confirmed upticks in the country’s economy over the past 3-months, Obama’s prognosis for political survival have upgraded from grave and “on a respirator,” TO serious but breathing “on his own,” TO stable, TO good.

Although I’ve written it here many times, I’m going to write it again. I’m a Conservative (Republican type). But, that fact is irrelevant during national general elections because I can vote for whomever I wish.

It’s what’s going on at the STATE level that determines whether I register as a Republican or a Democrat. And, this includes voting in STATE primaries regarding nominees for President.

At the STATE level, if I see a critical primary—Democrat or Republican—I register accordingly. But, other than for this reason, registering a party affiliation is a waste of time.

And, no, in my opinion, INDEPENDENTS should NOT be permitted to vote in political party primaries. Political party organizations are private entities, not government-supported. If you’re not a registered member, you don’t get to “help” pick their nominee, PERIOD!

Moving on, I’m telling you that the Republican Party looks downright silly at this point. I voted for George W. Bush twice, deeply regretted doing so the second time.

The folks in RED—both the office holders and their diehard supporters—looked a tad batty throughout George Bush’s entire last term in office; it’s why I voted for Obama in the first place.

Of course, as disappointing as it has been for me to conclude, Obama has not been a shining example of effective political leadership, either.

In fact, the entire Democratic Party continues to demonstrate, as it has for the past 30-years, its uncanny ability to snatch devastating defeat right from the arms of all but assured victory.

We are in desperate need of effective political leadership in America. But, it is not going to be forthcoming from the current class of Republican hopefuls. Nor do I think Obama will suddenly become our nation’s clone of El Cid.

But, if I have to choose between the current crop of Republican wannabes and Barack Obama, I choose the latter. If we’re going to continue circling the drain of national oblivion either way, we might just as well SOUND good while doing so.

It isn’t that there are no available politically astute Republicans capable of filling the bill, either. It’s because there are none around that are imprudent enough to volunteer, given the current “my-way-or-the-highway” arrogance of the extremist Republicans and their dumb-ass relatives, the Tea Party.

As a nation, we’re going to continue being duped by mediocre politicians until the 3-digit IQ component of the country’s electorate steps forward to dispel certain dangerous myths that are increasingly being dumped on us as “facts.”

The first one is that successful business MEN make good presidents; they do NOT! It would take an inordinate amount of space to list the documentation for this statement; so, I’m not going to do it here.

However, you can do it yourselves by going back through our presidents that came from the realm of GOOD businessmen. You’ll find irrefutable proof that the relationship between effective, good-businessmen presidents and success as effective, politically astute presidents is INVERSE.

Now, it may be an altogether different story for good businesswomen. Such women may well make outstanding presidents.

But, this is because it’s always been a MAN’S world. And, in order for a competent woman to climb to the pinnacle of the business world requires the same level of political astuteness as we’d expect in a highly effective PRESIDENT.

Mind you, now, I have no empirical evidence to support my theory. On the other hand, perhaps we need to give SERIOUS consideration to scanning successful businesswomen for possible runs for the office of United States President.

Yes, it could turn out to be a disaster, but how much worse off could it get than what we’re facing right now? Speaking for myself ONLY, I think we need to give it a try SOONER rather than later.

The second myth is that we need to run the country like a business. This one is just plain bat-crap crazy.

First, America is NOT a business. We are a self-governing Republic operating under the framework of a Representative Democracy. In other words, we don’t get to decide matters directly; we get to decide WHO gets to decide them.

Second, the roles of government and those of business are different. In fact, the contrast in roles is stunning.

The prime directive for business is profit. And, while profit is the motivation that keeps free enterprise at the defacto standard for all economic systems, it can’t be profit simply for its own sake at the expense of human rights and to the nation’s detriment.

Whenever this becomes the case, government’s role must take over, not with regulation for the sake of it, but with regulation that balances the playing field while NOT inhibiting profits.

Third, government’s role also includes safeguarding the nation’s continued sovereignty through the use of a strong national defense, including the most technologically-capable armed forces ready, willing, and able to unleash overwhelming force against our enemies.

In addition, government must make sure that the country maintains the means for its people to feed themselves, obtain the most effective medical care technologically available to the human race, and to provide for those unable to do so for themselves.

And, to these ends, the notion that our government must ALWAYS operate under the absolute inflexibility of FIXED balanced budgets is ludicrous. YES, our deficit is insane and we have to do something about it. There’s no question!

But, we have to redefine “balanced” budget in relative terms, not absolute terms. We can do this by aligning approved spending with what we produce as a nation.

And, if the Republicans are really interested in fiscal balance and not just political rhetoric, then let’s give Warren Buffet’s suggestion a try.

He suggests—click here to read it for yourselves—that anytime there’s a deficit of more than 3% of GDP, all sitting members of Congress are ineligible for re-election.

This will provide incentives to get the job done, provided, of course, that the JOB is actually realistically balanced spending and NOT merely perpetual reelection.

Finally, we need to make it very uncomfortable for any politician advocating, although unintentionally, that the Bible and Ten Commandments should trump our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

All of the sanctimonious moral bafflegab about mandating women’s rights to control their own reproductive functions needs to cease immediately.

It flows from Santorum’s mouth; it’s echoed in great part by Gingrich; and it’s passively supported by Romney simply because he’s picking up a scent that a few Neanderthal voters agree with it.

All of them but Ron Paul seem to be going out of their way to convince us that they’ve all been in contact with the same “burning bush.” But, what they fail to realize is that people with 3-digit IQs understand that it gets mighty cold on mountain tops.

And, most important of all, that Moses had probably imbibed in a wee too much of that BC-era version of Kickapoo Joy Juice when he encountered that ORIGINAL “burning bush.”

Joe Walther is a freelance writer and publisher of The True Facts. Email comments here.

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