Some observations… if you please!

Given the proper mindset, getting old isn’t ALL bad. In fact, the older I get, the more I wallow in the luxury of its benefits than I fret over the drawbacks of its reality. And in my opinion, it’s quite liberating, especially in light of all the political, economic, and religious/moral pontificating going on in these here good old United States of America.

For me to compile a complete list for each of the three areas above would take a couple of hundred pages and it would bore the daylights out of dead people.

So, I’m not going to do it. However, I am going to list a few examples, some of which are hilarious crossovers.

On the current political front we’re all being told by the GOP that voter fraud has become so rampant that the states need to pass legislation requiring all voters to present “official” picture IDs before voting.

And, you know, it may not be a bad idea for us to begin requiring IDs. It’s certainly worth looking into. But, I fail to understand the GOP’s urgency with getting it passed in record time—as a matter of fact, just in the nick of time for the 2012 PRESIDENTIAL election.

I’m not going to speculate about the REAL reason behind this urgency. I have my suspicions; but suspicions are NOT proof. However, I’m certain that the motivation behind the movement has nothing to do with protecting us voters from voter fraud.

Based on a 5-year investigation by the G. W. Bush Justice Department, voter fraud is NOT rampant. They found 86 cases of voter fraud out of over 300-MILLION votes cast and not a single case of IMPERSONATION fraud. And, what’s even worse, most of those 86 findings were due to genuine confusion over voting rules.

Read about it for yourselves’ click here. Granted, Righties tend to label the New York Times as a Leftie rag. Sometime they’re dead-on. At other times they’re dead-wrong. But most of the time it depends on one’s interpretation of the facts. However, this article is non-partisan.

But, what really irks me is the way the Democrats perpetuate their usual passive responses.

As usual, they choose the passive route by bellowing on with condescending platitudes about standing up for the nation’s disadvantaged and oppressed instead of going on the OFFENSIVE.

They could have turned the tables by plastering ADS all over TV, radio, and the print media depicting the GOP as being so worried about losing in 2012 to Obama that they had to stoop to this kind of trumped up scare tactic.

Then we have the Tea Party effect. And let me state for the record that, at the conceptual level, the Tea Party was a legitimate and realistic movement aimed at reducing rampant government spending and borrowing. I thought it was a great idea.

But, as usual, conceptual ideas eventually filter down to the voter level where the sheer loonies seem to take it over. This doesn’t mean that the entire voting bloc consists of loonies; most of them are NOT.

But the ones who qualify as such get all the press because their colossal crap sells newspapers and elevates TV/radio ratings.

These are the clueless ones who demand draconian cuts ACROSS the boards—exempting defense spending, of course—all the while luxuriating in myriad taxpayer-supported schemes.

They drive on taxpayer-funded roads while driving their kids to taxpayer-funded public schools. They demand safe neighborhoods under the protection of taxpayer-funded police and fire fighters.

They’re first in line to demand that GOVERNMENT clean up its public parks while demanding more of such places. They demand clean air, safe drinking water, inspected food products, safe medicinal drugs, and TORT reform to protect Free Enterprise.

They’re the ones carrying stupid, illiterate signs such as “Respect ARE country speak ENGLISH” and “OBAMA LIER IN CHIEF.”

These are the people who, while claiming unprecedented levels of anger over government spending, slept through two terms of George W, Bush’s record deficits while labeling his critics as “enemy sympathizers” and demanding full-blown investigations about Obama’s “real” birthplace.

Then we have the gullibility factor. This affects most voters, me included. It’s what intensifies a growing trend of replacing what has worked, or what might work even better, with whatever SOUNDS good.

And, oh boy, do the politicians love this. Dumbed down voters have become the greatest things since popcorn. They make getting elected and re-elected (AD INFINITUM) a breeze by elevating shameless pandering to an art form.

All the weak candidates, with even weaker platforms, have to do is wrap themselves in the American Flag and blubber on about their love and respect for the Constitution, even though their own words belie any understanding of that document.

And finally we have religion and its growing influence—and alarmingly so—on our politics.

If we ultimately permit religion to trump reason in our legislative process, then we’re going to end up with oodles of bogus religious politicians enacting laws completely devoid of LOGIC.

And in the process, we’ll have forfeited our status as the world’s foremost greatest Representative Democratic Republic to become another mediocre, though largest, Theocratic Republic.

We’ll have our own version of the “infidel.” Only, instead of it being anyone who believes in Jesus Christ, it will be anyone who does NOT.

A national “Moral” police force will follow suit. If you think we marginalize entire segments of our society because they don’t pass some zealot’s notion of Biblical muster NOW, just wait to see what’s sure to follow.

We’d better soon come to grips with the simple fact that if FAITH is the only basis for accepting an assertion, then it’s an admission that it can’t stand on own merits. In other words, faith is what people BELIEVE, not what they KNOW.

And relative to religious dogma, faith amounts to belief WITHOUT evidence in what those WITHOUT knowledge tell the world about things WITHOUT parallel.

At any rate, I’m an old man who won’t have to contend with any of this crap. But some of you reading this may have to contend with it. And for sure, if the trend doesn’t change, your children and grandchildren surely will.

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