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The list of stuff to write about this week is virtually endless, some of it good, most of it stupid. And as usual, stupidity carried the week BIG time. I’m not going into vivid details about matters; I’ve provided hyper links. Click away and make up your own minds.

Here’s a sampling of just three items out of list of fifty; two of them represent stupidity personified. The other one represents some of best that good has to offer.

The first one comes from the world of SPORTS. It’s not from the realm of actual PLAYERS, but rather from the plethora of self-aggrandizing, motor-mouth pontificators, every one of whom adds tremendous credence to the notion that “those who can, DO; those who can’t, TEACH.”

Click here for the first one. The dude behind this gem is an ESPN sports analyst by the name of Stephen A. Smith. I rarely watch ESPN, but I’ve come across Smith’s pontifications during my many channel surfs looking for something worth watching.

So, ladies, as you can plainly read, if you’re physically abused, it’s your own fault. All you have to do is stop INSTIGATING it. Here’s the problem with that admonition as I see it.

People, MALE or FEMALE, who are being physically abused by other people, MALE or FEMALE, have a RIGHT to protect themselves using whatever means they have at their disposal.

However, one does NOT have the right to physically retaliate simply because another person has called their MANLINESS into question; or because they don’t like being criticized . . . or whatever.

Verbal instigation is not a justifiable reason to pummel someone else’s face into the back of their head. And whenever a person does this, the applicable legal terms are ASSAULT and BATTERY.

Now, I have no idea as to Mr. Smith’s INTELLECTUAL IQ. But intellectual IQ is only half the story relative one’s general personality. The other half has to do with one’s EMOTIONAL IQ.

Science has confirmed that people with average intellectual IQs coupled with above average emotional IQs are greater social assets than are those with high intellectual IQs coupled with below average emotional IQs.

But whenever society comes up against people with below average intellectual IQs combined with below average emotional IQs, LOOK OUT! And where Mr. Smith fits here, you may decide for yourselves. But to me, he’s just another long-winded dumb-ass.

Now click here for the other “BAD NEWS BEAR” item. Mayor Jim Fouts is a classic example of an absolutist jackass who’s insistent on protecting his good buddy, Jesus, at all costs.

And please note that it isn’t the Mayor’s religious BELIEFS that make him a jackass; it’s his unmitigated conviction that all non-believers are scum bags who don’t warrant the same civil liberties as believers do.

Take everything I’ve written above concerning intellectual and emotional IQs and apply it in spades to this mayor.

OK! Here is some good news. Click here to read about it.

I was born and raised as a Roman Catholic. My late mother was a fanatic about it. If a priest or nun said it, it was absolute Biblical TRUTH, and it was completely exempt from counter-discussion.

My father was a totally different story, but he kept his mouth shut, for the most part, out of fear of retribution . . . not from the Church, but from wifey-pooh.

As a fanatical Catholic, my mother would never have condoned, even a mentioning, of the term, DIVORCE, in our home. On the other hand, sex, at least as my late father knew it, could well have become non-existent, if you get my drift.

As for me, I fell out of favor with the Catholic Church when, during the second trimester of the 5th grade, I expressed, shall we say, DOUBTS, to Sister Letitia about the Baltimore Catechism.

To put it mildly, I didn’t think it was possible for a human face to turn a brightly glowing crimson red in a matter of a second. All the woman could do was blurt out a command: “Get to Mother Superior’s office!”

But anyway, I’m digressing. My point is that I was 18-years old when Pope Pius XII died. Look it up; that was a several Popes ago.

I’ve always been indifferent as to who was running the Catholic show at any given point. It simply has never had any bearing on what I believe.

Until the arrival of Pope Francis, the Popes of my lifetime had been, mostly, flagrant dogmatic absolutists—a couple of them downright arrogant—when pontificating about Catholicism as the “one TRUE religion” and the big three Catholic NO-NOs: contraceptives, abortion, and homosexuality.

Don’t misunderstand me; Pope Francis is just as CATHOLIC as the rest of the Popes have been. The major difference, however, is that Pope Francis doesn’t judge people who see things differently, and the man does not have a condescending bone in his body.

He’s a prime example of sincere humility, not to mention a virtual replica of the way that Jesus spoke and acted as he walked this Earth.

Not only is he the best thing to happen to the Catholic Church during MY lifetime, he’s a perfect example of the kind of dialog that can occur among people of differing beliefs whenever the discussion leader possesses BOTH, a high INTELLECTUAL IQ and a high EMOTIONAL IQ.

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