Some DELAYED thoughts!

I’ve always experienced delayed thoughts. I’m NOT alone, either. We’ve all had them. Often it’s because we couldn’t think of anything reflective at the time. But for whatever the reason, we’re likely to end up thinking something profound much later, sometimes weeks, months, even DECADES later.

For example, this past January, I read an article about 125,746 Texans who had signed a petition to the White House stating their case as to why Texas should be allowed to secede from the Union.

Now, I’m no stranger to life in Texas. I lived and worked there for several years in the ‘60s. I actually knew Rick Perry long before he ever became a political force.

And while he was—and he still is—an affable and disarming man, his intellectual IQ falls to the lower side of the normal range, and his emotional IQ is even lower.

To be sure, there are millions of Texans who are intelligent and thoughtful people; some of them are members of the Texas General Assembly, which explains why those wannabe secessionist morons were told by their own political leaders that it’s not going to happen.

When I read the initial article back in January, I was able to express my feelings about this movement—and the idiots behind it—in a single word: STUPID!

But as I was dozing off last night, some seven plus months later, a much more profound thought hit me. With all of the political stalemating going on in America today, the White House should have let Texas secede.

Just the potentially astronomical improvement in the country’s overall gene pool was, by itself, justification for having done so—and it’s STILL not too late to let it happen, either.

Moving along with more DELAYED thoughts, I’m an unrepentant moderate Conservative. I believe that reasonable political compromise regarding ALL financial and social issues is not a mere “nicety;” it’s absolutely essential if this country is going to survive.

But compromise has become a political felony on both sides of the political aisle; although it seems to have become more so on the RIGHT side of that aisle.

Every time I hear members of the United States Congress preaching about matters of which they’re obviously clueless, the veins in my temples begin to bulge to their rupture point.

While it is human nature for us to christen others as being “well informed” whenever THEIR views agree with OUR OWN, we need to start pausing long enough to listen to other viable viewpoints.

I’ve learned over my seventy-three years on this planet, that if we’re sincere about it and honest with our self-evaluations, we may discover that OUR OWN views are not just stupid, but PROFOUNDLY stupid.

And while I don’t like it, I’ve found this to be true relative to some of my own views, even though at the time, I was convinced that they amounted to Divine revelation.

But as much as I hate to admit it, I often wonder if my criticism of Congress is fully justified, even though some of its members go out of their way to hoist intellectual and emotional mediocrity to the national norm.

But I wonder; are these office-holders/seekers really as stupid as they appear; or have they merely learned how easy it is to get elected/re-elected simply by convincing a majority of fools.

The country’s newspapers, 24-hour cable news and electronic op/ed outlets, along with myriad syndicated and local issue-oriented radio talk shows are replete with abject stupidity.

Some of the people who host these shows, as well as their GUESTS, along with a plethora of newspaper commentators, prove themselves as not just being merely stupid, but needing to add at least ten more points to their IQ scores just to make it into the intellectually-stupid range.

And finally, regarding one more NOT so delayed thought, for those who constantly proclaim that “adversity creates character,” it does NOT! I heard this one, AGAIN, just this past Friday at a local farmers market.

A mother said it to her 15-year-old (my estimate) daughter as she threw an embarrassing hissy fit because mom wouldn’t buy her a new iPhone skin. Given what I observed, the kid should never have been given an iPhone in the first place.

Anyway, mommy dearest, adversity creates nothing but ANGST! Character comes from the way we were raised in the moral sense and the degree to which we were taught to deal with life’s rough spots—those trials and snags that add points and muscle to our emotional IQs.

As such, character may be good or bad, but either way, adversity simply identifies whatever character that has already been established!

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