So, what’s the big deal? It’s just a missing period!

No, I don’t mean THAT kind of period; I mean the little dot that we place at the end of declarative sentences. Thanks to cell-phones and texting, those periods are disappearing in droves.

And that’s not all that’s disappearing, either. General punctuation and proper capitalization are also going down the old grammatical crapper.

Please don’t misunderstand me, here. I’m not criticizing texting. I’m in my mid-70s and I’m a texting fool. Of course, with my mid-70s eyesight, I’ve downloaded and use an APP called Big Button Keyboard.

I can tap out a 500-word text using only one of my forefingers in less than 7-minutes. And this includes editing the content for proper punctuation, spelling, and capitalization BEFORE I hit the send button.

What I am criticizing are the dweebs who constantly ignore all punctuation, can’t seem to spell, and have no idea that proper capitalization even exists.

The entire point of effective communication is making sure the reader, or listener, understands what you’ve written, or said, in that same context in which YOU meant it.

The less interpretation on that part of the reader, or listener, the more effective the communication.

Some crude examples?

“You do know you’re shit, don’t you?” does not mean the same thing as “You do know your shit, don’t you?”

Another one?

“Her sole intent was to help her uncle Jack off his horse.” But ignoring the proper capitalization results in this: “her sole intent was to help her uncle jack off his horse”.


Now, let’s text away, but punctuate it, and capitalize whenever appropriate.

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