Self-declared EXPERTS: They’re RARELY on their A-games!

People learn; things change; and most folks move on with their lives. And let’s not forget that the operant word in this respect is “MOST.” But it’s just as important for us NOT to ignore the notion that, for the exceptions, things never change.

Many people believe what they believe because intuitive logic is much easier for them to accept; it’s less taxing on the brain. On the other hand, counter-intuitive reality is not only difficult to accept, it can be downright scary!

Arguments between mythicizers and myth busters can rage on for decades, even centuries, simply because some people—mostly men who’d rather undergo vasectomies performed with weed-whackers—than admit that they’re wrong.

For example, at the dawn of the human race, the Earth was flat; everyone KNEW it. All people had to do to confirm it was look at the horizon to see its edge. Intuitive logic RULED!

Several eons later—sometime between 384 BC and 322 BC—Aristotle, the Greek philosopher dude who was considered the undisputed authority on EVERYTHING, proclaimed that the human brain’s ONLY function was to cool the blood and was not involved with the process of thinking in ANY way.

And, of course, by academic proclamation back then, if Aristotle said it, it HAD to have been SO.

The list of modern day examples is virtually endless. Evolution and climate change are two current examples of ongoing serious hissy fits. I’ve written about both of these ad nauseam; so I’m not going to repeat it here.

But speaking of modern day myths, I need a new microwave oven. And, as a part of some routine chit-chat during a community get together yesterday, I happened to mention this to the person seated next to me in response to her mentioning that her refrigerator was about to “GO.”

Actually, I was plugging a small home appliance sales and repair service, JOHN’S, located in north Wilmington. I’ve used his repair service before, and I intend to buy my new microwave oven from him very soon.

But, did she appreciate my hot tip? NO; instead she gave me a 15-minute lecture on the dangers of microwave cooking!

Her “research,” proved to her that, “due to ‘radiation effect,’ cooking in a microwave oven changes the molecular structure of food.” She also listed a litany of other dangers that actually have nothing to do with microwaves.

The woman is dead-set against microwave ovens, and she’s not about to let a few pertinent facts change her mind. But I hit her with a few of them anyway.

ALL cooking, whether it’s done on a stove-top, in a conventional oven, or in a microwave oven, “CHANGES THE MOLECULAR STRUCTURE OF FOOD!” It’s just that microwave ovens do it (the cooking part) FASTER.

Sans sleep-inducing technical details such as the interaction of microwaves with molecules having “polarity,” suffice it to say that they cook food from the inside out, rather than from the outside in.

The word RADIATION scares the bejesus out of a lot of people, especially the ones who have never been near a physics lab, let alone any kind of physical science course. But still, believe it or not, there’s no requirement for earning a science-oriented PhD in order to grasp the fact that radiation comes in two flavors.

Ionizing radiation is nothing to mess with. It’s the high-energy stuff that’s released whenever people start firing off nuclear weapons; or lose control of various other nuclear elements capable of dishing out high doses of ionizing radiation.

Non-ionizing radiation—think MICROWAVE ovens among many other devices—is low-energy stuff to which we’re exposed every day of our lives; it comes from light, infrared heat, and radio waves. If this stuff really scares you, then throw away your cell phones, TVs, radios, space heaters, etc.

Microwave ovens score about a 5, out of a maximum of 10, on life’s list of things over which we shouldn’t waste any time worrying. But as always, the clueless are rarely even aware of the facts, let alone run the risk of being confused by them.

It’s the year 2014, and virtually all humans—with the exception of a few members of the United State Congress (mostly Tea Partiers)—have accepted (indeed from as far back as the dawn of the middle ages) the fact that the world is NOT flat.

As well, 98% of all climatologists now recognize that the planet is heating up—possibly at a doomsday rate—and that humans have been a significant contributor over the past 300-years.

And science debunked Aristotle’s declaration about the human brain AGES ago. Although I must conclude that, unlike the ABSOLUTENESS of Earth’s ROUNDNESS, his “theory” relative to the human brain’s COOLING function appears to be RELATIVE.

Just tune into some of the social media rants on Twitter, Facebook, online forums, the 24-hour cable-news TV channels, and issue-oriented talk radio.

If this doesn’t convince people that a sizable number of human brains (MANY of them serving in the U. S. Congress) are still doing nothing but cooling the blood instead of THINKING, we’re doomed!

Intuitive logic is an easy and comfortable substitute for fact… at least until counter-intuitive reality smacks the hell out of it. And THIS is what will eliminate the human race’s run on Mother Earth long before any natural disasters do it.

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