Say WHAT?!


English is a fantastic language. It is the most versatile language in the world, although French isn’t far behind. While English contains more vocabulary words than French does, its true strength lies in the fact that there are so many ways of saying the same things in fabulously descriptive ways. Unfortunately, for the same reason, it’s also a cakewalk to obfuscate true meaning beyond any hope of understanding it.


Understand that I’m not talking about language specific to various professions and working trades. Medicine, Law, Teaching, Business, Politics, Behavioral Science, myriad blue-collar trades, etc all have their own language. Nor am I talking about various regional and cultural-specific terms that may also vary within regions, states, counties, and municipalities.


None of this is actually dangerous to our survival as a nation. But, something else IS very dangerous, though: our seemingly growing national tolerance for outright linguistic obfuscation and pure politically correct BS.


We’re becoming a nation of people too easily offended by virtually everything, no matter how common sensibly insignificant and outright stupid. It seems like there is a new group in America: People Offended by Practically Everything (POPE). And, they’re well represented by money-grubbing lawyers that raise linguistic obfuscation to an art form and a cadre of judges that are dangerously testosterone-starved.


I have a friend who hates marketers. “They screw customers without so much as a preparatory kiss,” he complains. But, I disagree; marketers are NOT the screwers. They merely hold customers down while the sales people screw them. But many customers help by removing their own clothing and bending over. They may as well shout; “Stick it here!”


Yes, there is a lot of hypothetical screwing going on. But the average SCREWER is merely responding to the average SCREWEE’S ineptness at understanding that BS is BS. Shrouding it with political correctness and further masking it by using anodyne, but much less offensive descriptions does not change a thing; it’s still BS.


For example, whenever government speaks of finding new “income” sources, they’re talking about new TAXES. Our taxes are going up in some form. Though they never remind us, government does not produce ANYTHING that generates profit. We in the private sector do the producing and earning. The government simply does the taking.


Similarly, when our central government promises to ensure our national security in return for relinquishing some of our freedoms, they’re relying on the notion that WE don’t understand that certainty is a mythical perspective, while uncertainty is an objectively based reality.


And, rather than resolve ourselves to the fact that effective security comes from learning to live with uncertainty, we let fear hypnotize us into a zombie-like walk through the chaos and turmoil much like cattle making their way to a slaughterhouse.


And in our politics, we constantly condemn politicians as liars and professional opportunists. We may verbally demand more candor; but we actually reward liars by electing them. This is why they continue telling us what we want to hear, instead of what we NEED to hear.


As well, our running WAR ON TERROR is another source of pure BS! The fact that we’re about to pull our troops out of Iraq is irrelevant; we’re winning nothing! After thousands of American lives lost and hundreds of billions of dollars spent, we’re turning it all over to a crowd of wobbly quasi-Democratic misfits that are more likely to morph into a Shiite dictatorship than maintain a solid democracy. Common sense knew this going in, but we went in any way.


We’ve also failed in our stated motive for going into Afghanistan: to get Osama bin Laden. Now we’re “nation building.” BS! Afghanistan does not want its nation built and that war is going to end similarly with the same horrendous cost to us in lives lost and money spend.


And, Osama bin Laden is—if he’s still alive—lounging comfortably in an air-conditioned cave somewhere around the Pakistani border. Nation building my butt! We’re using precious Marine Corps resources to babysit Afghani villagers that would more prefer that we were not there.


But, enough about unwinnable wars. As surely as BS is one of our most abundant commodities, IGNORANCE is our most expensive one. So, let’s keep going.


Imagine an Obstetrician pulling a living third trimester “fetus” through the birth canal feet first until only the head remains inside. Then, reaching inside, the doctor punctures the skull, suctions out the brains, and lets the skull collapse. What would YOU call this?


Based on a legal technicality, proponents of the procedure call it a “late-term abortion” instead of the more descriptive term of “partial-birth” abortion or what we should call it: infanticide.


We can call it whatever we want to call it. The fact is, at this stage, its KILLING! And, giving it a more benign name changes nothing. But, as bad as this is, it merely scratches the tip of an ugly political and moral iceberg.


We’ve replaced the physical public square with a digital public square called the Internet, where any yahoo with a computer and a couple of brain cells can say anything at all, whether it’s worth hearing or not. As well, a growing army of other yahoos, just as deficient in brain-cell count, constantly gets into gigantic hissy fits over premises that are flawed from the start.


Critical reviews of important events by 3-digit IQ critics using informed history, substantive thought, and proper perspective are disappearing at an alarming rate. And, all we’re left with is trite, clueless intrepid windbags that replace analysis with rhetoric while substituting fantasy for policy. All the while, this country is going down the tube a bit faster with each passing day.


In the process, the United States Congress has become a legal Mafioso inhabited by a mass of frenzied, ill-mannered, partisan political thugs. They’ve created a scary atmosphere that devalues individual lives and ruins reputations, all for the sake of making peripheral extremes seem like the norm.


And, the 24-hour news cycle now dominated by a profit mentality has altered the dynamics of news reporting. Getting it FIRST has become THE imperative; getting it RIGHT is NOW an option. We’ve reached a point where the most ridiculous extremes and the trivial are trumping substantive news.


Responsible, intellectually astute investigative journalists have been forced to give way to purely partisan talking heads comprised mostly of insecure men and women that resemble a crowd of delusional, psychotic bags of Botox passing off partisan innuendo as fact.


And, we’d better get back on track SOON. Our politicians and their faithful partisan followers have done a fine job of thumping their chests over the war on terror and sending our best and brightest to accomplish an impossible task: wipe out terrorism by killing the boogie men wearing turbans and beards.


All the while we’ve hocked ourselves to our eyeballs to China to produce, at best, dubious results. In the meantime, China has been busy perfecting a super missile capable of blowing our aircraft carriers out of the water with a single hit. Click here for the interesting details.


We’re deluding ourselves into believing that we’re invincible and forever THE force to be reckoned with. Well, a new kid has entered the playground. He’s as big as we are; only HE’S still growing. So, get ready; the playground rules are about to change.


And, you know what? Those turban-wearing, beard-sporting folks of the terrorist persuasion are going to keep on terrorizing because for centuries it’s what they’ve done; and we’re not going to change a thing.


Joe Walther is a freelance writer and publisher of The True Facts. You may comment on his column by clicking here.

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