REALLY, Limbaugh “get’s” it?

This is NOT about Rush Limbaugh. Some people think he’s capable of walking on water; MANY others—by a ratio of about 5 to 1—don’t think so. Count me among the latter group.

Regardless, the man is an undeniable success at what he does. Great science fiction is about 15% science and 85% fiction, and Limbaugh uses the same philosophy. But with Limbaugh’s scientific pontifications, the mix is usually 15% relevant fact, 20% quasi-fact, and 65% PURE fiction.

And he’s successful because he fully understands that his listening base’s disdain for “liberal-thinking” predisposes them to accept everything he utters as Biblical revelation.

But legitimate scientists define “fact” as that which has been confirmed to such a degree that withholding conditional assent would be tantamount to sheer obstinacy.

And whether we like it or not or whether we’re Liberals, Conservatives, or “wobblers-around-the-middle,” we shouldn’t automatically assume that radio talking heads know what they’re talking about; Liberal OR Conservative.

People declaring that “So and so” gets it may not know what they’re talking about. I’m not saying that “So and so” absolutely NEVER gets it, only that it’s NOT usually the case during hissy fit sessions between politics and legitimate science.

It’s far more likely that “So and so” doesn’t know any more about the topic than the idiots making the declaration know about it. And what such people usually mean is that they admire “So and so’s” astuteness in agreeing with THEM.

Whenever it comes to intuitive logic, most people generally tend to accept “facts” as truth ONLY if the facts agree with what they already believe, and they hate it with a passion whenever counter-intuitive reality smacks them between their eyes.

Limbaugh has been mouthing off about climate change for quite some time now. His position is pure politically motivated crap. This is not the first time I’ve written this; so I’m not going to rehash it again.

But the fact is that 99% of the planet’s legitimate climate scientists believe that the planet is warming up, and that the aggregation of data, so far collected, points to humans as a major contributor. And it’s happening much faster than we thought.

There’s no denying it; we live on a FINITE planet whereon most people think in linear terms.

A litany of human history shows that linear logic has been in the dominance of every system we’ve created. But the fact is that linear systems can’t run things indefinitely on a finite planet.

Something has to yield, either the planet or the PEOPLE living on it. And since HUMANS are the only living species capable of intentionally evading Mother Nature’s procedural manual, we humans are so designated.

It’s NOT a question of whether humans have contributed to climate change; we have. Every living being has contributed to it. Natural disasters—thank you Mother Nature—have also contributed HUGELY.

For example, Mt. St. Helen’s volcanic eruption is only ONE of an historical multitude of occurrences. When that happened, it sent more carbon emissions into the atmosphere during the FIRST 15-minutes than had ALL of our automobiles to that point.

But ONLY the human species is able to concoct methods of countermanding the natural order of things. We’re also the only species able to rationalize; thereby making us the only species both arrogant and stupid enough to think we can get away with it indefinitely.

We don’t run the show; Mother Nature does that, and she’s indifferent to humans. If we don’t change our ways, she’ll change the planet.

She’s already begun that task, and we’re not going to like the changes. But she doesn’t care how we feel about anything; nor will she give a crap about our insignificant little political Lefty/Righty hissy fits over who’s to blame.

From its point of formation—with liberal helpings of random luck—Earth has managed to evolve quite well for over 4.5-BILLION years. Human life forms didn’t appear on the planet until 2,000,000-years ago.

Anatomically identifiable modern humans have been around only the last 200,000 years. And humans didn’t begin developing an industrial drive and the technological smarts to alter the planet’s climate until about 300-years ago.

Do the arithmetic. We’ve inhabited this planet for about FORTY-FOUR TEN-THOUSANDS of ONE percent of Earth’s existence to date: slightly less than a cosmic BLINK!

Biblical pontifications notwithstanding, Earth’s context is cosmic, and the cosmos not only wouldn’t notice if the planet poofed out of existence this moment, along with ALL of its life forms; it would it care one bit.

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