REALLY; it’s just simpal SIGHENCE!

At most, about a half a mile beyond the Pennsylvania/Delaware state line, lies the Boothwyn Farmers Market. At its extreme East end is a food concession called Albie’s.

GREAT food! Especially the hamburgers! I down two of them every time I visit Albie’s—which is at least three weekends out of every four.

But this past weekend was special. I had the great fortune of attending a free lecture on life in “these here” United States of America as viewed from the perspective of a self-proclaimed sage—although a small band of fans in attendance seemed to accept the point.

They (10 of them) occupied two and a half tables in the far corner of the restaurant. The lecture was free to me simply because I was lucky enough to be seated at a table directly in front of theirs.

They seemed cult-like in their aggregate philosophy of life. While most of them appeared to be somewhere in their fifties, two of them were definitely older.

They were gut-hanging overweight. And for all of them, I suspect it’s been years since they last were able to look down and see their own toes, let alone their own “JUNK.”

They all wore BLUE jeans, logo-adorned tee-shirts, and obligatory baseball-type caps that varied widely in degree of cleanliness. Classically, they mimicked typical style-whores forever destined to be, at best, average.

And, while I can’t prove it, I’d bet a buck or two that we’d find at least TEN pickup trucks in the Market parking lot complete with gun racks and various “cute” bumper stickers along the lines of “Life’s a bitch and then you marry one!”

I didn’t get the “sage’s” actual name, but all his friends called him Ripper—I swear; I’m not making this up. As everyone ate their food (lots of it) and drank their drinks (large ones), he pontificated ad nauseum—at least it seemed so to me—about matters Biblical, economic, and political.

His vision was crystal clear; this country MUST get back to God! His “guys”—at least those TEN did—heartily agreed. I expected to hear a chorus of “alleluias” and “praise God” at any moment.

And fine “Christian” men they were… ALL of them; they rolled their eyes in complete agreement as Ripper proclaimed that homosexuals—NOT the term HE used—were turning this country into a modern day Sodom/Gomorrah-type pit of sin—again NOT the words HE used.

He kept using the worn out Biblical pun, “Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve,” as he emphasized the urgent need for a constitutional amendment to SAVE marriage.

While I thought it best not to ask, I kept wondering how many of them were divorced; I’m betting at least three of them with perhaps another three on the verge!

However, I’d bet against the prospect that any of them were actively cheating on their wives. From what I observed, any self-respecting woman would have to be in extreme carnal distress to pick one from this group.

Besides, significantly overweight men tend to have huge difficulty getting into their OWN pants, let alone getting into some female’s pants.

Among Ripper’s economic recommendations were eliminating welfare (food stamps in particular), abolishing the “stupid Ponzi scheme” we call Social Security, dumping Medicare, and criminalizing ANYONE who even mentions socialized medicine.

Although, from the way he and his friends described Medicare as FREE socialized medicine, I suspected they meant MEDICAID.

As a proud member of the Medicare crowd, I was tempted—but came to my senses in time—that it’s not FREE.

Including all facets of the Program (including supplements for the 20% that it does NOT cover and prescription coverage), for two people, I pay $859 EVERY 3-months (about $3,500 a year).

Yes, Medicaid is free; but the qualifying requirements are very restrictive and most applicants do not make the cut.

Instead they camp out in our nation’s hospital emergency rooms seeking routine treatments at astronomically high costs that will never be collected from the recipients because they possess neither income nor assets.

Finally, he (Ripper) began his “political” take on Mr. Obama. His introductory words to the topic of Mr. Obama brought my ears to RED ALERT faster than sophisticated sonar alerts nuclear submarine crews to under-sea dangers.

“I’m not a racist but…” rang loudly and clearly, as it always presages indisputable proof that the people who use it ARE, indeed, RACIST.

They’re stupid but not harmless. They conscientiously and sincerely believe every word they say. But, sincerity and stupidity in cahoots are dangerous, as the late Dr. Martin Luther King explained decades ago.

“Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.”

And, to this I will add that, while “RACIST” is a bad word even to racists, most of them have no idea what constitutes racism, which makes it unembarassing, even quite comfortable, for them to spew proof of their racism.

I don’t know by how much—probably a little, at least I hope so—but I suspect that racism has been a factor in this President’s tenure to date.

In its overt form, we don’t need to consider it; but it’s not overt racists we have to worry about.

It’s the sniveling, cowardly closet racists that we need to watch. And, while I don’t think these are large in number, either; the fact is that they don’t have to be huge in number.

I’m not talking about most of his detractors: people who disagree with his politics or those who simply dislike him because he’s a Liberal. I’m talking about the diehard “NO darkies in the Oval Office” types.

I’m a lifelong Conservative who voted AGAINST Sarah Palin—not John McCain—in the last election. While I’m far from pleased with Mr. Obama’s performance to date, I’m unconvinced that giving the current Republican horde full control will NOT make life a LOT worse for a LOT more people.

Stupidity does not stop people from voting. And hatred driven in part by racism may actually stimulate it. It makes it doubly critical that the rest of us VOTE on the issues.

Given the abysmal voter turnout in this country from 1960 through 2010, a relatively small core group may easily make a big difference. Click here for the details.

If you’re good with your ciphers (especially your goesintas—3 goes into 6, etc.), it’s easy to see how as little as between 20% and 28% of the voting TURNOUT has ultimately determined this country’s political, social, and economic direction.

If it’s about the issues and Obama loses, as well he may, it’s fine. But for this to happen will require thinking people to get off their butts and vote.

As long as Obama loses, Ripper and his pals aren’t going to care why, but I DO care why and I hope for this nation’s sake that the majority of the voter turnout does as well.

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