Political Pandering

First, I apologize for last week. For some reason, my particular area has been going through a lot of cable down-time. Last Sunday, we had, at the most, about 20-minutes of up-time.

However, it’s been running flawlessly now for about a week, and they’re telling us that they’ve solved the problem. Here’s hoping.

Now, about today’s topic, and it applies to all of we oldies!

I’m, as readers of this blog know, in my mid-70s, and I long ago arrived at the conclusion that politicians—both national and local—LOVE to talk about old folks’ issues.

But it’s all lip service; they hate DOING anything about those issues! They vomit lip-service all over the place. But when it comes to substantive discussions about senior-age issues, they suddenly become deaf-mutes.

Even now, the two main party candidates rarely even mention issues that are critical to we human antiques.

The silence is deafening whenever it comes to discussing the stability of Social Security, the increasing costs of our health care system, the blatant ageism that openly exists in the workforce, and the nation’s unpreparedness for the aging tsunami headed this country’s way.

None of these things are ever mentioned . . . not even casually!

Many my age, and most certainly those even older, don’t find the prospect of living to 100—and even longer—to be all that attractive any longer.

Yes, speaking for myself—and probably many others—I’d like to live as long as possible, but only as long as life is enjoyable. Good health and financial security are critical keys.

Without them, WHAT’S THE POINT?

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