Once AGAIN, Kansas to the RESCUE!

Before diving headlong into this week’s topic, let’s all take pause and remember all of those who have died defending this nation from all those who would love to end our way of life.

However, we need to end the confusion about this gratitude business. I’ve never met service members who looked forward to “GIVING” their lives defending this nation.

My combat experience was in Vietnam. As a group, none of us sought such “glory.” But, as a group, ALL of us willingly put ourselves in harm’s way, which made the “TAKING” of our lives a distinct possibility. And, I doubt that this attitude has changed since then.

So, our indebtedness to these souls lies in their individual and collective willingness to suffer great pain and/or to die, if necessary, defending the rest of the country.

And, these people are not the only ones to whom we owe perpetual thanks. While their watches are over and they stand relieved with the gratitude of a nation, their families live on, some with the pain of loss so overwhelming that seemingly it will never ease.

OK; now on to the matter of Kansas and the way that sovereign state government has made us all much safer than we’ve ever been. Those folks went and OUTLAWED Sharia Law.

I don’t know about any of you, but the only things preventing my eyes from absolutely bubbling over with gratitude are a few objective facts!

Sharia Law is not the only source of religious-oriented mandates for killing and maiming people. The good “ole” Christian Bible has been doing it for centuries.

Similar sites are plentiful, but here’s one—the first one that popped up when I Googled the topic—just click here. For an even better feel for the topic, grab any version of the Christian Bible; open it at the first page; and read it through to the last page. WOW; talk about unforgiving hard asses!

Yet, I don’t see or hear any state governor busting a hump rushing through EMERGENCY legislation outlawing any of this crap.

And CRAP is what it is. It’s pure, unsullied, hate-filled, low-grade fertilizer having been mandated by miserable, bearded, crud-crusted old coots that couldn’t have gotten laid in the whorehouses of their day, not even while carrying satchels loaded with the currency of their day.

The reason why we don’t see a massive political movement to outlaw this kind of Christian nonsense is because the laws of this nation already outlaw ALL of it. And, the same laws apply to Sharia.

Stupid people need little motivation to hate. Mind, you; I’m not blaming religion. With or without religion, good people would continue doing good things and evil people would still do evil things.

But nothing stirs up moral indignation and a solid sense of self-righteousness like religion in the hands of stupid people.

Politicians usually pander to the largest voting bloc with the lowest common denominator. The philosophy is simple: find a fraud THIS crowd can believe in; and getting elected is a shoo-in.

This country is a SECULAR Republic based on the principles of Representative Democracy wherein CHRISTIANITY is the majority religion. This does NOT make us a Christian nation.

In fact, comparing the Biblical teachings of Jesus Christ to behavior en masse in this country, the only thing Christian about it is the hype. But if we keep eroding the protective border between religion and politics, we’ll soon have our own versions of the “moral police.”

We’ll become just like “THEM-there” extremists hate filled Islamists in their never-ending battle to kill the infidel. The only difference will be definition. To THEM, the infidel is anyone who believes in Jesus Christ; to US the infidel will be anyone who doesn’t!

Religion in itself is not a bad thing. But we’re never going to realize its potential for good as long as we keep viewing Holy Scriptures in such absolute terms as “the sacred books of OUR holy religion as distinguished from the false and profane writings on which ALL other faiths are based.”

This is just plain asinine. And, it’s never going to change as long as we continue letting our politicians keep lowering the country’s aggregate intellectual bar in such a way as to raise stupidity ITSELF to the status of a RELIGION.

Luckily for me, if such a transformation takes place—although it seems to me that things are headed that way—I won’t be here to witness it.

But, some of you might be. And, given the human propensity for NOT contemplating the trauma of UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES, you’re probably not going to like it very much.

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