News FLASH; we don’t know EVERYTHING!

It pays to think about stuff once in a while. The potential payoff is massive, not necessarily in monetary terms, but rather in our psychological and our physical well-being.

Personal perspective is often NOT the only reality. Facts are absolute; truth, however, may be relative. In other words, applying absolute facts may well lead to equally valid but different truths.

Humans take a lot for granted. We take things out of context. Sometimes we do it intentionally as in the way we conduct our politics. But mostly, we do it unintentionally simply by paraphrasing what we THINK we understand to be the absolute FACTS.

For example, at times of humanitarian crisis, it’s not uncommon to hear folks laud Americans as wonderful people. I won’t dispute this. Main Street America consists mostly of good and caring people. But, it’s not because we’re Americans.

Being Americans does not automatically make us wonderful people. It makes us lucky people, but not AUTOMATICALLY wonderful people. Like every other country on this globe, America has its share of wonderful people; but, it also has its share of sheer, unabridged bungholes!

Seemingly with each successive election cycle in this country, ever weaker candidates, with even weaker platforms, come out of the woodwork, wrap themselves in the American Flag and then babble on endlessly about their love OF and concern FOR our Constitutional “guarantees.”

For even casually astute listeners, it takes less than 30-seconds of listening to such dweebs to realize that they know absolutely NOTHING about the Constitution.

Our Constitution guarantees NOTHING! It’s a sheet of parchment paper on which our Founding Fathers wrote the soundest fundamental truths known to humanity: HUMANITY’S right to pursue LIFE, LIBERTY, and HAPPINESS.

Whether that right comes from our Creator (God) is a matter of faith. I won’t go there because I simply don’t know. On the other hand, as a scientist, I can spot a strong statistical correlation a mile away.

There’s a story about a well-intentioned preacher who had approached a farmer about donating some of his abundant harvest to the poor. “It seems that God has been quite generous in treating your fields and harvest well,” said the preacher.

Continuing, he said, “Don’t you think a nice donation would be a wonderful way to thank God for His generosity?” The farmer responded as follows:

“Sir, I give money and food to the poor because I know what it’s like to be hungry. But, as for God’s generous treatment of my fields and harvest, you should have seen how he treated them when I wasn’t around.”

Relative to RIGHTS, the only ones we HAVE are the ones we’re able to defend. And, in addition to our ABILITY to defend them, we must also be WILLING to defend them. And, herein is the basis for our guaranteed rights.

King George didn’t GIVE our Founders ANY of the rights we enjoy today. They motivated the citizenry of the day, formed an army, and TOOK them from him. And, we’ve been both WILLING and ABLE to defend those rights ever since.

God notwithstanding, the correlation between nations willing and able to defend their rights—to the death if necessary—and their remaining FREE, is not only a direct one, it’s in the vicinity of 0.9999 (a 1 is an absolute correlation).

If we, as a nation, ever lose the ability OR the willingness to defend our rights, our magnificent Constitution will become a worthless sheet of paper. And, while I concede that I may be wrong, I doubt that God will ride in and save us.

And, there’s one other matter I’m going to address. It concerns all the political hissy fitting relative to climate change.

This isn’t about whether or not it’s happening or whether or not humans are causing it. Fox News and MSNBC can mentally masturbate over these things until Sarah Palin turns Liberal.

Oh, and of course, CNN will continue its practice of providing its listeners with an endless parade of alleged non-partisan panels of “experts” to discuss both sides’ positions, along with a legal analysis from Jeffrey Toobin.

The fact is that all of it amounts to nothing more than a horde of intrepid windbags trying to increase their viewer ratings by enticing the clueless among us to choose sides.

Again, God notwithstanding, planet Earth has survived the past four and a half BILLION years in spite of a number of cosmos-sponsored, species-ending events.

Yes, Earth may well survive another 4-BILLION years as long as the Sun continues to function. But, the cosmos will continue sponsoring species-ending events.

So, there’s no guarantee that the human species will not go the way of the dinosaurs, a species that survived about 165-million years. Humans, from their first arrival, have been around ONLY about 2-million years.

And, keep in mind; the dinosaurs were incapable of self-extinction. Humans, on the other hand are quite capable of self-extinction.

We’re the ONLY species capable of fooling ourselves into thinking we can unrestrictedly evade Mother Nature’s rules without suffering eventual dire consequences.

Like it or not, Earth is a FINITE planet. But, seemingly, most humans can think ONLY in linear terms.

Every system we’ve created has been based on linear logic. It’s yet to occur to most of us that linear systems cannot run indefinitely on a finite planet. Something has to change; either the planet or the people living on it.

Our survival on this planet depends on our ability to adapt to the natural balance of nature. Mother Nature runs the show. She simply responds to imbalance.

She does not get mad; she just gets even. We attempt to fool her at our own peril.

This planet ran as nature dictated for billions of years before we arrived. It’s likely to run a few more billion years after we’re long gone.

It would be wise for us to remember that the cosmos is neither hostile nor benign; it’s merely indifferent. It has NEVER felt the slightest compulsion to adjust itself to OUR silly-ass whims.

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