My final words on the matter!

First off, I did not post last Sunday. I, along with two of my neighbors lost power at about 10AM last Sunday. It was the power company’s problem, and we didn’t get it back until close to midnight.

This has been the most hellish year I’ve ever experienced. My wife’s death last December 29th, and my son’s sudden death on July 11th have me virtually mumbling to myself.

My wife’s death was fully anticipated after a long and painful battle with pancreatic cancer. And while I would gladly have traded places with her, the fact is that I could not.

And while I’ll remember her for the rest of my life, her death was the most merciful outcome we could have expected.

My son’s (Michael’s) sudden death from a massive seizure, on the other hand was the worst kick in the gut I’ve ever experienced. I’ve accepted it, but I still can’t believe it.

Funerals are final, but there’s no closure; there never is. And memorials are hopeful, as well, but they never bring back the dead.

Michael’s sudden death at only 39-years of age has left me and the rest of the family devastated.

And while we genuinely appreciate everyone’s’ kind words, some of whom I’ve never even met, the memories that I, his sister (Jennifer), and his aunts and uncles have of him are not only unforgettable; they’re absolutely priceless.

His death hasn’t left a void in our lives; it’s left a monumental blast crater.

This will be the last I will speak of this topic, but the fact is that I had to get it off my chest so I can begin to get back to living my life.

Thank you.

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