LOOK, it's one of them thar hurry-canes!

I’m going to make this one short. Due to hurricane Irene, I’m not sure how long the electric power will remain activated. I hope that it will stay on until midnight, after which I can post this as I normally do.

I’m not trying to make light of what the East Coast in going through this weekend. Even though Irene’s force dropped from a category III along Florida’s East Cost to a category II as it approached North Carolina, and dropped to a Category I as it made landfall there, the forecasts have been dire and it’s STILL serious business.

Delaware is, even as I type, sharing in the taste of hurricane hell. It’s still listed as a category I and the impact, so far, has not matched ALL of its predicted ominous consequences. But, it’s far from over. So, we shouldn’t become too cocky.

However, since I’ve made my lifelong living observing stuff and pontificating upon it, I’m going to make a few comments about some of the observations I’ve made today… you know, about many of those preparations that people love to put off until the last minute.

Traffic was heavy in northern New Castle County, especially around 4PM. The grocery stores, especially the convenience stores such as Wawa, were packed with pissed-off people. It made me wonder why we don’t experience more shootings in Delaware.

About 12:30 PM I stopped in the parking lot of a small strip mall, the home of a very popular sub/steak shop. NO parking places—the lot’s capacity is 100-cars.

But, this didn’t stop the egocentric (motto: Screw Everyone Else) from simply blocking others in while they went into the sub-shop to order their sandwiches. I counted three hissy fits bordering on physical altercations. Did I mention that I wonder why Delaware does not experience more shootings?

Lines at gas pumps were long, as well. But, the worst part was the way the clueless made sure to block the ways IN and OUT. I’m buying a gun; it’s legal to open-carry here.

The crowning observation, however, came around 7 PM, just an hour ago. I listened to a couple of chest-thumpers buying the last of the bottled spring water in a local drug store. They were bemoaning all the doomsday predictions for the onslaught of Irene.

So far, northern New Castle County has not seen a lot of flooding downpours and damaging winds that the rest of Delaware has experienced—it’s now almost 9:30 PM.

This is not to say we won’t at some point overnight. But, so far, we’ve been lucky. I welcome this in the same way that I welcome a medical doctor telling me that my problem is NOT cancer! I leave his office relieved and gratified, not flipping the bird at cancer.

I’m not going into the details of what they were saying because it reminded me of a conversation between two not very bright drunks. However, for others who echo the same sentiments, here’s a sobering thought.

We’re just one of the many life-species aboard this planet. Humans have been around for about 2,000,000 years. But, modern humans, as WE currently anatomically and intellectually know them, have been around for only the last 200,000 years.

Mother Nature, on the other hand, has been running the show here on Earth for about 5-billion or so years. We humans shouldn’t push our luck too far.

She does not need US. If we get too far out of line, she’ll balance things out according to HER rules, even if it means NO MORE HUMANS.

We “modernites” are, so far, the ONLY species on this rock that can willfully decide to buck her. And, we have… ever since we entered the picture!

All the other species live instinctively according to HER rules of balance. And, even at this, she still wipes out a species or two every so often just to show her power.

The dinosaurs lasted 65,000,000 years. They didn’t mess with Mother Nature at all but she still cancelled their lease. Humans, in the modern sense, have been around ONLY 200,000 years.

And, just because we still have our lease, does not mean that the landlord won’t up and cancel it, especially if we keep messing with her.

Let’s see; a 65,000,000 year lease for the obedient dinosaurs, and she still cancelled it. So much for loyalty!

The modern human lease has run a mere 200,000 years. That’s about 0.3% (three-tenths of ONE percent) as long as Barney and his friends were around.

In cosmic time equivalents, modern humans have been around about ONETENTH of a nanosecond. You can’t blink that fast, yet the clueless among us think they know everything. But, they DON’T!

God notwithstanding, the difference between animals and humans is the fact that humans can, and do, rationalize. Rationalization gives birth to ego and arrogance. And, whenever these two attributes combine, they produce stupidity, often unparalleled.

Add to this the human forces of greed and fear to obtain the recipe for human self-extinction. At the rate we’re going, I’m betting we don’t last another tenth of a cosmic nanosecond.

There is no shame in not knowing. On the other hand, not knowing and having no clue that we don’t know can be catastrophic.

And, worst of all, not knowing and not having a clue that we don’t know AND pontificating as self-anointed experts in spite of it… we may just as well bend over… well, you know where I’m going.

Stay safe. Stay home until Irene gets out of here, even if you live in northern New Castle County.

Joe Walther is a freelance writer and publisher of The True Facts. You may comment on his column by clicking here.

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