LEFT or RIGHT, mindless blather is still MINDLESS!

A well-known comedy writer by the name of Dave Barry has always taken great pride in lampooning American politics and the politicians who seem to derive great joy in giving both a bad reputation.

I’ve read every column and book he’s written, and as far as I’m concerned, his writings do not project mere kernels of truth; they heave huge boulders of frightening reality.

Given the plethora of unmitigated political garbage coming out of the U. S. Congress and myriad state legislatures, here is an appropriate excerpt from one of his past columns.

“The Democrats believe that the only solution to the budget deficit is to raise taxes. This is the standard Democratic solution for everything, including nasal congestion. The Republicans, on the other hand, believe that the solution is ‘fiscal responsibility,’ which means ‘blaming the Democrats’”

I’m an elderly, life-long member of the dying-breed wing of the Republican Party: a MODERATE. And while I’m terribly disappointed with the way the Democrats and President Obama have performed over the past six-plus years, it pales in comparison with the unmitigated stupidity coming out of the Republican Party.

It’s bad enough having our ELECTED officials come off like braying morons, but it’s an even greater degree of insult when the 24-hour cable “news” networks herniate themselves covering the wannabes or putting their own clueless idiots in prime time TV slots.

There are several of them, and I intend to get to all of them before the 2014 election. I’ll start with Donald Trump.

I can’t stand the sight or sound of Donald Trump. And in addition to several others, I can’t stand the sight or sound of Sean Hannity, either; although it’s for different reasons. There’s a lot more reek to Hannity and some of the others, but more about him, AND those OTHERS, in a later piece.

At his political best, Donald Trump has been nothing more than a loud, obnoxious cultural fart. This is only MY opinion, of course, and far as it goes, it does not mean squat to anyone else but ME.

I’m not talking about his business successes or the modest success of his reality TV series; in both of these, he’s been successful.

Although, I suspect that his self-implied net worth is a bit misleading because I don’t believe, even for a second, that his “brand” is worth anywhere near the $3-billion at which he values it. And I’m not alone in feeling this way.

But I don’t invest in anything Donald Trump peddles in the private sector. So I don’t care what he claims in that respect. As long as he stays on the legal straight-and-narrow, he’s as entitled as the rest of the corporate world is to continue cheating “fairly and squarely.”

As a political entity, however, I view him as an animated definition of a professional “lightweight.” He’s a mindless, colossally loud-mouthed birther, a self-proclaimed, though somewhat “reluctant-appearing and ever-hinted unselfishly noble savior-in-waiting” of the GOP. Dear God, if you’re real, calm my gag reflex!

However, to me the man’s just another amateurish wannabe politician who’s woefully short on talent and in total denial of the fact. His political relevance curve has sloped vertically downward since day-ONE.

The man’s proof-positive that out-of-control ego and arrogance beget monumental stupidity, the antithesis of the 3-digit political IQ set!

And every time he senses a dimming of his political limelight, and/or he begins feeling hunger pangs for more public attention, he calls another mindless press conference to which every puppy dog cable news outlet shows up panting in anticipation of receiving a few “doggy treats” in the form of temporary ratings boosts and website clicks.

And you know what? His walking brain-dead Tea Party buddies, along with a plethora of other idiots, never fail to deliver. AND the TV ratings are good, which seem to have ousted truth and accuracy as the prime directive of present-day “news” reporting.

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