It's OK! No, WAIT! We changed our minds… at least for now… We THINK.

I’m sick of it; I tell you… just out-and-out sick of it, I am! I don’t want to read or hear another word about the DADT (don’t ask, don’t tell) policy regarding openly gay people serving in the military. I’ve written about it before and I swore not to do so again. And, let me make this perfectly clear; this IS the LAST time I will mention it… at least until the next time.

When it comes to homosexuality, it seems there are two basic categories of people: those who think it’s NOT a conscious choice (about 74% of the country) and those who do. And, a significant portion of the latter condemns homosexuality on religious grounds.

The former crowd would as soon live and let live, including permitting openly gay people serve in the military. As well, the God-believers in THIS group tend NOT to judge whether it’s a sin or not. It's simply a matter between God and the gays. And, in their aggregate opinion, God needs no help from humans in running the universe.

The latter crowd, fewer in number, believes it’s a disgustingly unnatural state of affairs that, SOMEHOW, we should outlaw. For whatever reason, these folks choose to ignore Mother Nature’s penchant for acknowledging homosexuality, alive and flourishing, among practically every species of life on this planet.

But, even worse, these God-believers are convinced that homosexuality is an abomination against God, punishable by damnation to eternal hell-fires for its practitioners and the destruction of this great nation for the rest of us “passivits” for condoning these sexual deviates doing the nasty.

And, as in all things concerning religious dogma, believers are always much louder about what they believe than non-believers are about what they don’t believe.

But, either way, people will generally continue believing whatever they already believe: that homosexuality is either unnatural, morally reprehensible, and a conscious choice, or, it isn’t and its practitioners have no control over their sexual orientation. And, those guided exclusively by stubborn religious dogma are not suddenly going to become open-minded about it, either, thus complicating things even more.

As a scientist, I know that Geology clearly depicts fossils coming from different ages throughout Earth’s epochs. Paleontology reveals a definite sequence (a list of species representative of changes throughout time) to that fossil record. The science of Taxonomy presents strong evidence of biological relationships among myriad species throughout Earth’s history. And, finally, Evolution ties it all together.

However, as always, I concede to the Creationists, that evolution is “just” a theory. But, legitimate scientific theories must survive ages-long falsifiable hypothesis testing with their tenets supported by mountains of empirical evidence along the way.

And, as such, Darwin’s Evolution ranks right up there with Einstein’s Relativity in terms of its robustness. In other words, it’s the best, SO FAR, that science has to offer by way of a reasonable explanation.

Conversely, Creationism is not a theory in the scientific sense; it’s a faith-based belief. This does not mean it can’t be true. It simply means that no one has yet to develop a falsifiable hypothesis with which to test it. And, almost all of the evidence supporting it is of an anecdotal nature.

I have many dear friends who believe in Creationism—and not a dummy in the lot. I love and respect all them dearly. But, I disagree with them. And, until someone develops a scientifically falsifiable hypothesis, I’ll continue viewing Creationism as a body of people who squint their eyes tightly shut all the while wailing, “IS NOT!”

And, as such, it compels me to view their Bible-based view of homosexuality as suspect at best and pure hogwash at worst.

Now, as far as the on-again-off-again political gamesmanship on the part of opponents to gays serving openly in the military, it gives reasonable people the impression that chaos is in charge. It makes the opposition, political and otherwise, look desperate to sustain their relative positions. And, at this point, things don’t look good for them.

Admittedly, though, the opposition seems to have finally acknowledged that gays are every bit as human as straights are; BUT only as long as gays keep QUIET about it… at least until the opposition has had sufficient time to get used to it, which, in Congress-time, could take decades.

So, in the interim, they expect gays to accept this and NOT marry other gays; and, as long as the opposition doesn’t know who the gays are, their military service is perfectly acceptable, even to the point of DYING for their country.

REALLY! This is beyond stupid and Barack Obama, as Commander-in-Chief of our Armed Forces, should end the silliness the same way that Harry Truman racially integrated the military: by executive order. He already has the support of the Joint Chiefs of Staff as well as most other flag-ranked officers. And, since the military is not a consensus-oriented club, top-down mandates work quite well.

It won’t be easy nor will it be swift. It took almost twenty-five years, from the date that President Truman issued his order, to change the military’s racially oriented culture. And, even now, pockets of racism occasionally raise their ugly heads. But, hopefully, it won’t take quite as long to change an anti-gay culture simply because fewer people, from the top to the bottom of the organization, actually see it as an issue at all.

Joe Walther is a freelance writer and publisher of The True Facts. You may comment on his column by clicking here.

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