It’s getting WARM around here and Obama-care NOT causing it!

Two blips hit the social radar screen this past week. I’ve written about both of them in past articles. Both of them bear mentioning again; only this time I’ll spare you from tedious, emotionally-charged coma-inducing details.

First, the U. S. Supreme Court announced its ruling on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) “affectionately” known as Obamacare. The mandate that all Americans must purchase health insurance does, indeed, pass Constitutional muster, not as part of the Commerce Clause, but as a congressionally mandated tax.

Both the Righties and the Lefties have claimed a victory. Yada! Yada! Yada! The hissy fit’s going to go on for YEARS. Please, God, if you’re out there spare me, even if you have to hit me with a fatal heart attack. All I ask is that you make it quick and painless.

One of the many advantages of being retired is extra TIME to read! I’ve read the Act. You, too, can read it. Just click here. But I warn you; it’s BORING. By the time you‘ve hit page-4 you’ll be looking at the prospect of undergoing a root canal without anesthesia as WILD and EXCITING.

As well, if you do manage to read the entire Act without lapsing into a full-blown coma, you’ll have to take extra care to make sure you’ve read BOTH: the LARGE print which GIVETH and the SMALL print which TAKETH AWAY.

Usually, this isn’t difficult to do because the large print appears as a regular font size between 10 and 12 points while the small print appears in a much smaller font size between 4 and 6 points.

But, this doesn’t apply to congressional bills. The entirety of such legislation appears in a regular size font. In other words, it’s ALL large print. But to be sure, the small print is there, hidden blatantly within the impenetrable walls of intentional legal obfuscation.

Bill Clinton referred to it as the definition of “IS.” And, while Obamacare gives much to many, the Act contains generous portions of “IS” which take much away from others.

Obamacare is nothing but a starting point. Keep the good points and toss the bad points. But let’s get to a workable comprise on the majority of the rest of it.

However, this isn’t what the current sitting Congress is all about. The good of the nation has become secondary to defeating Obama at all costs.

And, even if the Republicans win the White House and gain a majority in Congress, they’ll not have a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate.

Dear God, that fatal heart attack… PLEASE don’t forget me! You’ve given me a long life so far and I don’t mean to sound ungrateful. But, quite frankly, who needs this crap?

This nation is on the cusp of figuring out that access to adequate healthcare is a human rights issue and that denial of the fact is a major component of horribly rising healthcare costs that will bankrupt us over the next 30- to 50-years.

Arthur Schopenhauer said, “All truth passes through three stages. First it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.”

These were not just neat words. And, like it or not, inevitably this country will go to a single payer, tax-supported healthcare system. If not, all the crap we’re going through now will one day be considered the “good ole days.”

And, now to the other radar screen blip I referred to above: global warming. I hate the term with a passion because it’s become nothing but fodder for an ongoing and dangerous political food fight between conceptual science and objective science.

Conceptual Science is based on pre-researched conclusions just oozing with emotional gut-feel. Objective Science deals with the facts as science provides them.

Be this as it may; MY point isn’t about whether or not it’s happening or whether or not humans are causing it. Fox News and MSNBC can mentally masturbate over these things until Sarah Palin turns Liberal.

But, the fact is that all the hissy fitting still amounts to nothing more than a horde of science-ignorant intrepid windbags trying to increase their viewer ratings by enticing the clueless among us to choose sides.

And, while a few PHDs are for sale and tend to back these people, 97% of the world’s scientist know that the climate is getting warmer by the year.

God notwithstanding, planet Earth has survived the past 4.5-BILLION years in spite of a number of cosmic, species-ending events.

As well, Earth may well survive another 4-BILLION years as long as the Sun continues to function. But, the cosmos will also continue sponsoring species-ending events.

So, there’s no guarantee that the human species will not go the way of the dinosaurs, a species that survived about 165-million years. Humans, from their FIRST arrival, have been around ONLY about 2-million years.

And, keep in mind; the dinosaurs were incapable of self-extinction. Humans, on the other hand are quite capable of self-extinction.

We’re the ONLY species capable of fooling ourselves into thinking we can unrestrictedly evade Mother Nature’s rules without suffering eventual dire consequences.

Like it or not, Earth is a FINITE planet. But, seemingly, most humans can think ONLY in linear terms.

Every system we’ve created has been based on linear logic. It’s yet to occur to most of us that linear systems cannot run indefinitely on a finite planet. Something has to change; either the planet or the PEOPLE living on it.

Our survival on this planet depends on our ability to adapt to the natural balance of nature. Mother Nature runs the show. She simply responds to imbalance.

She does not get mad; she just gets even. We attempt to fool her at our own peril.

This planet ran as nature dictated for billions of years before we arrived. It’s likely to run a few more billion years after we’re long gone.

It would be wise for us to remember that the cosmos is neither hostile nor benign; it’s merely indifferent. It has NEVER felt the slightest compulsion to adjust itself to OUR silly-ass whims.

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