It’s a NEW year; can we at least TRY civility?

Contrary to current popular opinion, a few highly competent investigative news reporters still live and work in both the mainstream media AND 24-hour cable news networks.

But for about the past two decades their work has been continuously buried beneath a growing pile of stench-ridden quasi-news masquerading as real news. And it’s occurring with ever more alarming frequency in both cable and mainstream bureaus.

While the former generate legitimate news concerning multiple and varied social, political, and economic matters that are relevant to ALL of us, the latter does nothing more than MANUFACTURE “news.”

They make a point of quoting people out of context under grossly misleading headings and sub-headings. They pontificate ad infinitum as if their musings were fact.

They’ve elevated convenience for the sake of ratings to the exalted status of an imperative while reducing truth to a mere option. And they do it all the while they’re punctuating ignorance with certainty.

They all do it, too; both sides of the political aisle and social divide publicize opinion as fact. And about 20-million or so people each week buy into it as though it were Biblical revelation. It exemplifies incompetents seeking advice from the incapable!

But bullshit is bullshit! Whether it’s riddled with chronic linguistic flaws or it appears in op/ed pieces written with flair and alacrity by morphologically-gifted writers is immaterial.

Over the past 20-years or so in particular, the voting bloc in this country seems to have lost its collective will to think for itself.

And for those who ARE capable of thinking for themselves, it’s become a matter of deciding which they hate more: being badly lied to or being insultingly patronized.

We no longer discuss or debate issues. There is no longer any political middle ground. We simply choose sides, pick our team leaders from a growing horde of political pundits who say the things we like to hear, and then relentlessly attack the opposition.

Truth has become whichever rumors survive the longest; and those who manage to bellow the loudest and longest end up winning the point by proxy.

Political opinions are like butt-holes, we all have one. Yes, people may well continue intimidating, cajoling, or launching vicious personal attacks, but it’s not going to change viscerally-driven minds. All it will do is drive cerebral-driven minds into silence.

At 73-years of age, I remain a member of a banishing breed: moderate Conservatives who continue to wobble around THE political, economic, and social center rather than a PARTISAN center.

The Conservative in me precludes me from agreeing—at least from a fiscal standpoint—with many of President Obama’s positions. But he is by far NOT the worst president we’ve ever elected; and this includes a fair sampling from both parties.

People may criticize his politics all they wish. But the fact remains that he won re-election in 2012 and he did it handily.

Not only is he still able to state his positions with linguistic eloquence, he’s finally demonstrated—although it took him a full first term to do it—the will to stand his ground in the interest of achieving reasonable, though far from perfect—political compromise.

And from the day he entered the Oval Office, he’s not once failed to exhibit a requisite level of testosterone and steadfast courage in authorizing military commando operations.

On at least two occasions that we know about, he risked serious damage—if not fatal—to his presidency. He willfully ignored some strong political advice to abandon a couple of commando-type military actions.

Had either of these raids failed, he well may have become a footnote in presidential history: another one term and out president. But he trusted the military’s ability to get the job done and both operations succeeded.

For his critics who suffer from selective memory loss, here are accounts of both the bin Laden take-down and the rescue of merchant ship captain Richard Phillips.

Make no mistake about it; he’s the Commander-in-Chief. As such, HE sets military policy. But he has always deferred to the MILITARY when it comes to tactics.

Does anyone think Mitt Romney would have done this? I don’t! How about John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, or Harry Reid? NO WAY! I’ve known Joe Biden personally for close to 60-years—all the way back to our elementary school days—and he wouldn’t have done it, either.

But Barack Obama did it; and, as well, I believe with every fiber of my being that our late President, Ronald Reagan, would also have ordered these missions.

But no matter what Limbaugh and Hannity have said and how often they’ve said it, he took no personal credit for the success of these operations. He gave it all to the military and I have the transcripts to prove it.

This nation’s problem over the past 4-plus years has not been President Obama. It hasn’t even been John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, Nancy Pelosi, or Harry Reid. It’s been the simple fact that NO ONE’S been in control!

We’ve been victims of a collective fiasco. Both Boehner and McConnell have been—and still are—scared to death of the Tea Party; and neither Pelosi nor Reid are capable of leading full-sighted people out of a room with just one exit.

The effectiveness of the United States Congress over the past 4-years has been a resounding collective dud!

And while several of the GOP’s objections have been legitimate, its continued blanket obstructionism—if it continues—will make their losses in the past election seem miniscule compared to what they’ll experience in 2014.

Oh, they’ll please the Tea Party; but the rest of the country—most of whom wobble around the political center—will be seriously unhappy. Democrats or Republicans, this country will be equally screwed if either of them gains total control.

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