Intuitive logic is just SO! DAMNED! COMFORTABLE!

“Going with the flow” seems to be the undisputed choice of most people whenever it comes to critical thinking. At the surface, intuitive logic always trumps counter-intuitive reality. But, is this because it actually makes more sense; or is it because people WANT it to make more sense?

I had spent last Thursday through yesterday preparing a post titled PhDs are NOT Certificates of OMNISCIENCE. It was ready to go; all it needed was a few last minute edits that I was going to apply this morning and hit the post command.

Then, just before I sat down to do the final version and post it, I checked my Smartphone for the latest news-feeds, and I found this gem at the top of the list. It’s a short one, so take a quick read.

I don’t generalize—at least not intentionally. I think that SOME republicans are certifiable idiots, but most are not. The democrats, as well, have their share of loonies, but most democrats don’t qualify.

People are going to infer all sorts of implications from what Mr. Kiehne said. And, it may well be true, after actually investigating mass shooters and their political affiliations, that most of them have been democrats.

But, since he fails to support his statements with empirical evidence, it’s just as reasonable for people to assume he just pulled it out of his butt, and that he belongs to the 2-didgit IQ brigade of the GOP/Tea Party.

To quote the late Christopher Hitchens; “What can be asserted without proof, can be dismissed without proof.”

But within the realm of Discrete Mathematics, lies an integral subtopic called Inferential Statistical Analysis. It provides a far more apropos rebuttal to Mr. Kiehne’s claim: CORRELATION DOES NOT IMPLY CAUSATION.

So, here’s MY opinion of the historical hissy fit between two diametrically opposed social clown-car inhabitants: the “ARM EVERYBODY” crowd and the “DISARM EVERYBODY” crowd. Both of these personify intellectual anemia, not to mention the emotional IQ of spoiled 6-year-olds.

And I want to be crystal clear about it. Every time myriad loony tunes lose control of their mental faculties, careen off the highway of rational behavior, and end up killing or wounding innocent people, politicians and TV/radio pundits come out of the woodwork with their analyses of the problem.

The lot of them spend weeks on end thereafter cogitating about “motivation” as though they know of what they speak. They DON’T!

And, a dead-on indication of their cluelessness is their persistent attempts at analyzing irrational behavior from the sole perspective of the rational mind.

If the killing frenzy involves guns, MSNBC will blame the Right for its united stance on the absolute rights of people to own, carry, and use guns at all costs. Fox will condemn the Left for blaming the Right and reiterate its raucous defense of our individual 2nd Amendment Rights of self-protection.

And, right on cue, CNN will begin airing round-the-clock analyses by convening panels of “experts” discussing it all, including the ever-present CNN legal expert/correspondent, Jeffrey Toobin, to keep us abreast of all the legal aspects.

But, unfortunately, in the complicated worlds of psychiatrists, behavioral psychologists, and neuropsychologists who are forced to deal with the problem in the context of serious mental illness, “motivation” is nothing but a catchphrase used to proffer booboisie—damn, I LOVE that word—pacification.

Simply put, the rules of reason for the mentally ill are not the same as the rules of reason for rational society, and it’s madness to think otherwise.

Schizophrenics can easily “reason” that all people who hear voices in their heads are communing with God, and if THEY hear voices in THEIR heads, they must do as God commands, even to the extent of killing others.

In the world of perverted logic, if two sets display even a partial overlap, the sets must be identical. This is obvious irrational bullshit logic to the rational, but perfectly rational logic in the mindset of an ill-functioning brain.

Overwhelmingly, most of society views the mind and the brain as one in the same, but they’re not.

The mind is not a material entity made manifest in flesh and blood. It’s the invisible venue through which we view the workings of the physical brain, which IS a material entity composed of biotic tissue and blood flow.

And, if the brain develops with problems (Neuropsychology and Neuropsychiatry), or it suddenly begins misfiring (Psychiatry and Behavioral Psychology), the mind follows suit.

Even minor anatomical changes in the brain can distort the brain and, therefore human personality.

It’s a fact; there’s a link between personality and brain anatomy/chemistry. And, there’s ample empirical evidence to prove it—perhaps some fodder for a future post.

I’m not accusing American society of putting Glock automatic pistols into the hands of the mentally deficient—at least not intentionally. It’s too scary to think it’s intentional; it would mean that we’re as “nutty” as the mentally sick are!

But, we’d better soon get our collective social head out of our collective social butt, and find an efficient and effective way to prevent it from happening as it does now.

If we don’t, we’d better be prepared to accept the fact that this type of bloodshed is a given and a realistic price we’re going to be paying for our unfettered gun rights.

And even if we seriously resolve ourselves to restricting gun ownership altogether, it’s not going to stop the “nuts” from following the commands issued by the voices inside their heads.

They’ll simply find other ways to obey the commands. And we can bet, their “nuttiness” notwithstanding, they’ll be as resourceful as ever in finding other ways of getting the greatest bang for their buck.

As well—this is just an observation on MY part—pandering political pea-brains like Gary Kiehne never seem to be the target of the loony brigade! Kindred courtesy, perhaps?

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