I'm educated and can't get know job!

During an average week following the publication of this column, I receive around 360-emails plus another 10- to 15-letters or post cards through the United States Postal Service. These numbers jump considerably, to about 1,100 emails and 100-letters if I hit on the hot button topics: religion, homosexuality, or politics.

The greatest single week’s response, since beginning the electronic version over four years ago, has been 6,345-emails and 345-letters. While I can’t possibly respond to such large volumes of correspondence, I do read most of it. While the bulk of it has been thoughtful, some has not been. And, a few have been nothing more than sorry attempts at veiled threats.

About three weeks ago, I received a letter from a recent—two-years ago—college graduate asking me to write something concerning the plight of people with degrees who can’t seem to be able to land jobs.

Well, since our economy seems to be spiraling the drain of economic horror with ever-increasing orbital velocity, I thought it would be an opportune time to share the young man’s plight with you readers. Maybe some of you could give him some advice.

Here is his letter, verbatim. I’ve removed his name—the lawyers were quite animated about it, too! It’s a genuine letter, though. I have his real address. If any readers out there would like to send him some advice, send it to me via email or USPS mail and I’ll see that he gets it.


Feberary 3, 2008

True Facts Editor

1812 Marsh Rd.

Suite 6, B184

Wilmington, DE 19810

Dear Mr Editer,

2 yeers ago I got a BS degree in Socialalogy at the age of 30. I sent out hundreds of resumes all over the country. I still don’t have no job. Its as thoug employer’s don’t even read them. Some have said to me that I don’t have experience.

No matter how hard I try or how much resumes I send out I just cant get a job. Well, I can’t get experience if people won’t higher me. I even changed my cover letter, droping my salary requirements from $60,000 a year down to $50,000 a year.

I am at my wits end. I’m even thinking about checking with a lawyer about some employers discriminating at me because of my age. My neibor two doors down just won her case. She was fired after 26 years at the age of 50.

Rite now I have been working two part time jobs. I work 22 hrs a week at a local Family Dollar Store at minimum wage and no benifits. I work another 20 hrs a week at Taco Bell. It pays a little more than minimum but still know benifits.

It is so discurageing to be a college graduate working for minimum wage stocking shelves and serving food. If its realy this hard for college graduates to get job it must be inpossible for less educated people to fine work. No wonder people are gone broke.

What really upsets me is that within six weeks after I don’t here nothing about a job I applied for, I see it in the news paper again. This makes me fell like there is something awrong with me.

I have been using a goverment job service even. It don’t do no good thoug because the same people keep posting to it and most of them cant get jops. It makes me wonder why George Bush keeps saying the econimy is doing so good! Maybe he should try to fine a job.

I’m thinkin about gone back to get my masters. They told me that Socialalogy was a hard field to get into with out at least a master’s degree. I guess they were rite. I already took the GRE, but I was not felling well that day. I may have to take it again.

Well, any help you can give me will be fine. I’ve inclosed by phone number (cell). I’ll anser any questions you have.


Name Withheld

This young man included a real telephone number. I called the number for obvious reasons, never expecting a legitimate response. I actually spoke to him. He verified that he sent the letter.

He’s as sincere as it gets and truly believes that he’s typical of struggling, unemployed, recent college graduates. I assure you that his verbal skills are much better than his written ones. While I discussed this with him, it did not seem to register.

I agreed to publish his letter but not his real name or phone number. People wishing to advise this young man can send it to me, via email or letter. I’ll be delighted to pass it on to him.

I don’t know what else to tell him that I didn’t cover during our phone conversation. Maybe some of you could give him some pointers. Since I’ve not met the man face to face, I certainly can’t rule out the way he dresses as part of his problem.

Next week… same time and channel and, oh yes, before I forget, what in the hell is “Socialalogy?” Admittedly, it’s been decades since I’ve taken college courses. I just assumed it was a misspelling. But… ya never know.

Saaay! It’s not one of those socially oriented, feel good degree programs aimed at “academic-hoop-lowering-so-everyone-can-slam-dunk,” is it? You know the kind… there’s no wrong answers; everyone in the program gets a college degree; and the institution gets tons of tuition income.

Curious minds want to know!

Joseph Walther is a freelance writer and publisher of The True Facts. Copyright laws apply to all material on this site. Send your comments. Just click here.

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