If THIS is our BEST, we're screwed!

Next Tuesday, November 2, is mid-term Election Day. But, unlike many others who will be writing about it, I’m not going to make mine a rah-rah pep rally reminding people to get out and vote. I’ve never done this and I’m not going to start now. First, it has never worked. And, second, I believe the country is better served when the uninformed stay home.

Understand me; I’m not trying to tell people how and/or for whom they should vote. But, at the least, people should be able to spot hypocrisy and inconsistency as they spew forth from the mouths of myriad candidates.

There is a reason why we should never get into arguments over politics and religion: both of them are vast reservoirs of subjective interpretation. As well, both arenas have become battlegrounds upon which absolutists (Left and Right) wage all-out war with no room for compromise.

For example, it never ceases to amaze me how millions of Christians can quote the Bible in chapter and verse. They quote it either to support points or repudiate them. Yet, disagreement among believers always seems to be in the preponderance.

And, the reason for it is that most Christians do NOT believe that the Bible MEANS what SAYS. On the contrary, they believe it SAYS what THEY mean. But, even though the huge middle crowd is perfectly sane and willing to live and let live, they’ve permitted the absolutists (extremists on both sides, Left and Right) to dominate the arena. The result is that nothing, utterly NOTHING positive comes of it.

The same is true of politics. The huge middle crowd constantly wobbles about the political center in constant search of reasonable compromise. But, they’ve permitted the absolutists (extremists on both sides, Left and Right) to set the nation’s agenda.

People who believe in a small, lean central government, balanced budgets, realistic credit limits, and reasonable social assistance are not evil, uncaring people. On the other hand, those who advocate unapologetic selfishness and economic Darwinism are BOTH, evil and uncaring.

And, people who believe that government, central and local, can do SOME good things and do them well, aren’t evil and/or uncaring, either. However, those who advocate government as the provider of all things, as well as the unquestioned arbiter of all that is moral, wholesome, and good for us are as evil as it gets.

I’m not going to label the Tea Party as anything other than a movement liberally inhabited by people genuinely fed up with the status-quo and with social, economic, and political sincerity as its mantra. And, in many instances, their concerns are justified. But, some of their candidates are nothing other than fiscally inept, truth-bending, conspiracy-theorizing, ideological dingbats in search of tinfoil hats large enough to fit their heads.

In Nevada, the senatorial race between Democrat Harry Reid and Tea Party candidate Sharron Angle is a sham and an indication of either the Tea Party’s influence or the Nevadan electorate’s stupidity. I suspect, however, that it’s the stupidity factor making the Tea Party seem so influential.

I’m no Harry Reid cheerleader. I think he’s boring to the point of coma inducement. He has the motivational dynamics of a slug; and often displays the intellectual curiosity of slate. But, compared to Sharron Angle, Harry is a virtuoso of intellect displaying the speaking dynamics of the late Leo Buscaglia.

She claims NOT to believe in the separation of church and state; yet, she fear-mongers by hinting that Muslims living in Michigan are openly practicing Sharia Law. There isn’t a shred of evidence to support her accusation, but that’s beside the point. Her supporters believe her and seem incapable of figuring out that if one is terrified of Sharia Law, the best protection is to SUPPORT the separation of church and state.

In Delaware, my home state, Christine O’Donnell, a Tea Party darling, is running against an unabashedly Liberal candidate, Chris Coons. She defeated a long-established moderate Republican (Mike Castle) in our Republican primary.

Just as I’m no Harry Reid cheerleader, neither am I a Chris Coons cheerleader, although Chris’s personal dynamics trounce all over Harry’s. It’s a moot issue in Delaware, though. Mike Castle would have defeated Chris Coons in a U. S. Senate race with room to spare. The only requirement would have been for Mike NOT to drop dead before the election.

But, O’Donnell, another one who disagrees with a separation of church and state, is clueless about most things political. She’s in the race because she needs a full-time job with benefits. She has not been able to hold a job for over 9-years. She defaulted on her mortgage, failed to pay some taxes, lied about her education.

She claims that she’s running for the office because God told her to do so. SCARY! She SERIOUSLY believes that masturbation is a sin and constitutes male infidelity—women do it, too, but I don’t think she knows it.

She’s pro-life—a legitimate position. The last time she ran for the same office, she publically stated that even if she were to become pregnant as the result of rape, she’d carry the fetus to full term. Perhaps this is a sign of her steadfast convictions (also an honorable trait).

But maybe she’s merely a clueless windbag providing evidence of her gross insensitivity to women who have actually been brutally raped by God knows what kind of diseased-infested thugs.

Or, even more sinister, perhaps she’s trying to beguile her friends on the Christian Right. Nationalism and religious chauvinism sell well with some of those folks, where bashing gays, battling choice, and repealing evolution are considered causes well worth funding.

Though she lags double-digits behind Coons at this point, it’s no guarantee of a Coons win. All bets are off when you combine the efforts of those Republicans set on electing a Republican at all costs with the habitual hissy-fitting stay-at-home-on-Election day apathy of the Democrats.

Throw in the money influence of the rich anonymous people from out-of-state (compliments of the U. S. Supreme Court) and Saint Christine could well be headed for Washington DC as our next junior senator.

I’m speaking ONLY for myself here, but terrorism aimed at this country doesn’t scare me in the least. Reasonable vigilance combined with some lethal retaliation will nullify it, at least for us. But, our current dangerous political environment is another story.

Looking across the country at some of the people who are running for office for the first time, I find their words and behavior make it easy for me to assume that many of them are estranged from 3-digit IQs. But THIS, by itself, doesn’t really scare me, either.

Neither does the proliferation of attack-ads and their ever-increasing decline into intellectual oblivion. They simply send the message: “we’re all trash-oriented dweebs, but vote for me; I’m not as bad as my opponent is.”

So, what actually scares me? The fact that such ads WORK and work WELL scares the daylights out of me. It adds to my growing suspicion that the dumb sh*ts of this nation have begun to morph into a growing, out-of-control horde of idiots. God, if you’re out there, help us or take me NOW!

Joe Walther is a freelance writer and publisher of The True Facts. You may comment on his column by clicking here.

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