IF the TINFOIL hat fits, WEAR it!

It will soon be September 11 again. As a nation, we won’t forget; AND, we shouldn’t… EVER! But, we will… eventually. It will remain in the history books, of course, but the simple passage of time will eventually dull the annual remembrances. Pearl Harbor’s getting there. And, have you noticed how little we speak of WWI matters?

But, this isn’t about REMEMBERING 9/11’s anniversary. There will be plenty of that when 9/11/2011 rolls around. No, this is about myriad conspiracy theories that began circulating beginning at about 30-seconds after the attack on the World Trade Center and going into full-throttle mode since the 9/11 Commission released its final report on the matter.

The Commission’s report went into who, what, when, where, why, and how of the attack. I’m not going into the details here. Click here if you wish to read the entire report. My goal, however, is to comment in general terms on two aspects of that report: the PHYSICS involved and the nature of the ensuing conspiracy theories.

Relative to the math involved with the WTC building collapses, the laws of physics raised a stench of suspicion that would have given the odor from a massive raw-sewage backup the pleasant fragrance of a well-maintained rose garden in full magnificent bloom.

The disconnect between what the 9/11 Commission CLAIMED happened and what the laws of physics irrefutably prove (EVERY TIME) could NOT have happened, is NOT a minor gap; it’s a major, unfathomable scientific CHASM.

I taught the stuff for years. It does not take graduate or undergraduate level physics to figure it out. Any high school physics “C” student is quite capable of doing the math.

To deny this is to wrap oneself inside of an increasingly preferred cocoon of CONCEPTUAL SCIENCE—well received within the United State over the past 30-35-years.

Such science most often depends ENTIRELY on one’s ability to create mountains of pre-research CONCLUSIONS that preemptively dismiss ALL factual contradictions to those conclusions.

Essentially, it boils down to the clueless squinting their eyes tightly shut and bellowing, “IS NOT!

Politicians have fallen in love with the concept. It makes it so darn easy for them to tell the idiot components of their respective parties what they want to hear. And, simultaneously, it makes it all-the-easier for the IDIOTS to inhale pure crap simply because they’re so pre-disposed to believe it.

So, relative to the Commission’s report on the mechanics of WHAT caused the buildings to pancake collapse and HOW it happened, the laws of physics reduced that aspect of the report to “THEN, a miracle happened” science!

And, I’m not the only one who questions the matter. A list of internationally acclaimed physicists, every one of which has a lot more scientific clout than I have, is quite long. Yet, the number of scientifically acceptable explanations from the Commission has been ZERO!

The fact remains that science can prove that this aspect of the Commission’s report is factually untrue… pure bafflegab, actually. However, the math is only one part of the report.

But, because of the fuzzy math issue and the fact that NO Commission members have offered a plausible explanation for the apparent suspension of the laws of physics, the number of ensuing conspiracy theories has multiplied faster than rabbits.

This is precisely the grade of quasi-facts most conspiracy theorists need in order to produce some pure, fictional-quality, award-winning CONCEPTUAL SCIENCE.

And, their fans love it, flocking to the Internet box office in droves, all the while tweaking things to further suit their own agendas.

Below is an excerpt from a person who has concluded that the Jews, with the complicity (direct and indirect) of our own central government, were the impetus that drove the entire attack on 9/11.

“The fact of the matter is: Its public knowledge that All those people were in positions that gave them means, motive and opportunity to be involved in the planning, implementation, and cover-up of that false flag attack and murder of americans, drawing us into exactly what the neo-conmen wanted, a 100 year war with israels enemies…no amount of poo-pooing or calling me a hater or whatever can un-do that fact.

It may well be a FACT that “all those people were in positions that gave them means, motive, and opportunity,” etc. But, here’s another fact that ALL conspiracy theorists conveniently forget.

Having means, motive, and opportunity to break the law is NOT going to get the police an arrest warrant unless they can tie some group or specific persons DIRECTLY, in some way, to their using such means, motive, and opportunity in the commission of the crime in question.

Circumstantial evidence alone won’t do it and 3rd-year students in any 4th-tier law school are most capable of making mockeries of those who attempt it.

Also, this country is replete with capable, legitimate law enforcement people who perpetually stand ready to pounce on this stuff, some of them for the sheer satisfaction of bringing DOWN the ARROGANT! Isn’t it strange that none of them have found anything worth their effort?

So, like it or not, these charges amount to opinion-based speculation. And, the fact that HE believes it—I’m sure there is no shortage of others who believe it as well—does not make it so, only that it’s a POSSIBILITY.

And, continuing to speculate, this individual continued his tirade with “…i fucking hate people who cant think for themselves.

Arrogance does not begin to describe this sort of mentality. However, I suspect that his REAL dislike lies with people who refuse simply to affirm his preexisting biases. Self-thinkers can be so notoriously cantankerous when it comes to conceptual science.

But, again, like it or not, until HE, or someone else, comes up with some a modicum of DIRECT evidence, HE’S simply denigrating innocent people, not to mention starting an emotional war that he can’t win.

However, I did agree with his last statement; “The American People will not know what really happened on 9-11 without a NEW truly independant investigation.” The only problem is that it’s NOT going to happen during the remainder of my lifetime.

In fact, if it EVER happens, it will be sufficiently long enough from now that it’ll amount to nothing more than a footnote in the history books.

And the generation of Americans that will be reading it—IF we’re still around and STILL a sovereign nation—will view it every bit as incredulously as MY generation viewed the FACTUAL account of the DRED SCOTT DECISION.

Thanks to partisan political narcissism on the part of a U. S President who managed to stack the U. S. Supreme Court with cronies, slavery got to enjoy a temporary stint as an absolute RIGHT in this country.

Folks, there is enough scary legitimate stuff that has happened in these United States. And, at the rate we’re going, there is plenty more to follow. We don’t have to waste our time making stuff up.

Joe Walther is a freelance writer and publisher of The True Facts. You may comment on his column by clicking here.

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