I had NO idea!

Let me begin this week by repeating Neil deGrasse Tyson’s recent revision of this nation’s Pledge of Allegiance. It says volumes about the current state of this country.

“I pledge allegiance, to the Flag of the Divided States of America. And to the PACs, for which it stands, one Nation, at odds, divisible, with Liberty and Justice for some.”

The State of Indiana put itself on the national political map over this past week by passing its own version of the long established federal Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA).

Indiana’s version, however, differed substantially from the federal version. The Governor denied this difference, and he vowed not to change a word of it. Of course, his vow went straight down the political crapper when all the external fecal matter hit the oscillating device.

I’m not going to list all of the unintended consequences of Indiana’s original version of the RFRA; I’ll just summarize the highlights.

A combination of eight states and major cities issued immediate travel bans to Indiana. A total combination of fourteen major corporations and corporate CEOs—nine of them headquartered in Indiana—condemned the act.

At least 4-universities and several major sports organizations condemned it as well. And this does not include the number of major newspaper editorials that raged against it.

It would take way too much space here to compare and explain Indiana’s original version to its revised version—the one to which Governor Pence finally endorsed. So, again, let me summarize using words provided by analysts far wiser then I am.

“Indiana’s Legislature presented the governor with a revised bill that is still called the Religious Freedom Act, except now it expressly states that religion may not be used by any PRIVATE business as an excuse for refusing to serve someone on the basis of race, color, religion, ancestry, age, national origin, disability, sex, sexual orientation, or gender identity.”

So essentially, a law that was intended to allow businesses to invoke religion as a defense in a lawsuit, now expressly states they cannot use religion as a defense in any lawsuit, including gay weddings and other LGBT matters.

Of course, what the proponents of the new wording conveniently fail to mention is that under Indiana’s civil rights law, homosexuals can’t file civil lawsuits for discrimination because Indiana is one of about 17-states that provide absolutely no discrimination protection for LGBT types. But I won’t go there.

Personally, I’m tired of the perpetual rubbish coming out of the extremist Bible-thumpers claiming that there are no such beings as homosexuals, only heterosexuals living in sin.

About 83% of Americans claim to be Christians, somewhere around 265-MILLION people. And I’m betting that the majority of them are just plain decent folks trying to live their religious faith in harmony with the rest of the country.

On the other hand, only about 3% of Americans—less than 10-MILLION—openly identify as LGBT; although, I suspect this number is a bit higher when we consider reasonable estimates of the number of closet cases too terrified to admit to it as well as estimates of “curious” wannabes (including some fine self-righteous Christians) once they’re alone in the dark with their “secret” desires.

It’s all right here. According to the religious Right and its glut of pandering issue-oriented critics and politicians, less than 10-million gays are ravaging the religious freedoms of 265-million Christians. REALLY?

If you’ve read the link in the above paragraph, you’ve surmised that many of these are the same people vomiting forth the same mindless rhetoric all of the time. Here’s a newsflash for this crowd.

No one, including gays, has any desire to abolish YOUR religious freedoms; they just want to be treated fairly and in the same manner as every other law-abiding citizen is treated. And they’re seeking something else as well.

In science, “fact” means confirmed to such a degree that it would be obstinate to withhold provisional assent.

To this end, a majority of Americans with 3-digit IQs do NOT believe homosexuality is a CHOICE. And whether the nation’s religious extremists like it or not, they can’t “FIX” gay because it’s not broken. So get over it!

Gays are not trying to prohibit your religious freedoms. They are, however, sick and tired of YOU constantly using 100% faith-based religious dogma to deny them of what should be their basic human rights, including a right to marry their same sex partners.

And finally, with respect to Mike Huckabee and Pat Robertson, in my view, both of them are worthless “has beens.”

Huckabee has been coming out from under the political kitchen’s baseboards ever since Obama’s first run at the Presidency; all the while spitting his hate filled venom at the gays simply because they fail to measure up to his Christian view of America.

Robertson is just an out and out obsessive homophobe with the attention span of Daffy Duck and the charisma of a pot hole. He’s one of those disgusting little shivers in constant search of a spine to run up and down.

He’s become terrified that gays are going to FORCE Christians to LIKE anal sex. Mr. Robertson, many Christians—both gay and straight—already JOYFULLY like anal sex. And I’m betting that, not only do some of them watch the 700-Club, they enjoy doing it while they’re VIEWING it.

You need to go away. You protest too frequently and too loudly; it makes me suspect that perhaps there’s a bit of Elmer Gantry in you, sir!

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