Here we go AGAIN!

James Holmes and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev (Aurora, CO. movie theater shooter and Boston Marathon bomber respectively) are back on the crime front page once again. Jury selection for both of these defendants has begun.

A word of caution, if you please. The Tsarnaev link above takes you to a Yahoo news piece. I apologize for this. Yahoo has a “comment” section at the end of each of its news articles. And if you’re able to walk and chew gum at the same time, you’ll be amazed at the incredible stupidity of about 90% of those commenters.

Apparently, none of them has ever heard of the 5th, 6th, and 8th Amendments of our Constitution. The overwhelming theme of their posts is that neither of these people should have a trial; just KILL them, and their lawyers, because they’re liberals.

Both of these defendants committed atrocious crimes. They need to be tried by a jury of their peers, and if found guilty—and they ARE—be sentenced accordingly.

Contrary to the will of the Yahoo commenters I mentioned above, we don’t lynch people. If we start doing it, we’re no better than these two criminal defendants.

But this isn’t about morons; it’s about how the news media and the way otherwise rational people try to analyze the behavior patterns of human loony tunes.

Every time myriad mental ding-a-lings lose control of their emotions, careen off the highway of rational behavior, and begin shooting the place up, TV and radio types spend weeks thereafter deliberating about motivation as if they know what they’re talking about.

And a dead-on sign of cluelessness is their persistent attempts at analyzing irrational behavior from the sole perspective of the rational minded.

If the killing frenzy involved guns, MSNBC will blame the RIGHT for its collective stance on absolute gun rights at all costs. Fox News will condemn the LEFT for blaming the Right, and reiterate its defense of the nation’s 2nd Amendment right to self-protection.

And, right on cue, CNN will begin airing round-the-clock analyses with panels of “experts” discussing it all.

But, unfortunately, the cadre of psychiatrists, behavioral psychologists, and neuropsychologists who will be called to testify in such cases, will have to do so within the context of serious mental illnesses.

In other words, the rules of reason for the mentally ill are not the same as the rules of reason for rational society. And the rest of us have to stop thinking otherwise.

Schizophrenics can easily “reason” that all of the people who hear voices in their heads are communing with God, and if THEY hear voices in THEIR heads, they must do as God commands, even to the extent of killing others.

In the world of perverted logic, if two sets display even a partial overlap, the sets must be identical. This is irrational nonsense to the rational, but seems perfectly rational to an ill-functioning brain.

Unfortunately, most shirtsleeve Americans view the mind and the brain as the same thing, but they’re not. The mind is not a physical entity made of flesh and blood; it simply manifests the way the brain—which IS comprised of biological tissue and blood flow—works. If the brain falls off the deep end, the mind follows suit.

Even minor anatomical changes in the brain can distort it, and, along with it, human personality. It’s a scientific fact backed by legitimate empirical evidence; there is a definite link between human personality and our brains’ anatomy/chemistry.

I’m not accusing American Society of putting pistols and automatic rifles into the hands of the mentally ill . . . at least not intentionally. If we’re doing THAT, it means that we’re as “nutty” as the loonies are.

But for sure, we’d better remove our collective head from our collective butt, and find an efficient and effective way to prevent it from happening as it does now.

If now, we’d need to be prepared to accept that this type of bloodshed is an American given and the price tag attached to unfettered gun rights. The only other alternative is restricting gun ownership altogether, and THAT’S likely grounds for another REVOLUTION.

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