GOD, it's REALLY deep and the odor is AWFUL!

They simply won’t SHUT-UP! I thought for sure that they’d be moving on to something more important, such as the current conspiracy theory as to why Bristol Palin has not yet been dumped from dancing with the stars. but NO! Since about an hour after the polls closed last Tuesday night, the cable TV pundits have done nothing but analyze and re-analyze the impact of the Republican WAVE.

So, bear with me one more time. I promise this will be the last political piece for at least a year. I really do want to write about more important things, such as… well, OK, I’ll think of something later.

Same old… SAME OLD! Talk is about the cheapest activity that exists. A hoard of individual idiots does not suddenly become wise in the aggregate. And, I’m not referring to the politicians, either.

The public, in overwhelming numbers, does NOT support unregulated, winner-take-all capitalism. It doesn’t even support a modest amount of it and, because of this, neither will the politicians. Anyone dumb enough to think this is going to change had better think again.

In fact, most of the big mouth, self-professed hardy individualists wailing the loudest demanding spending cuts will be the first ones to cry “MOMMY” the second the cuts affect them. AND THEY WILL!

The Tea Party is a populist notion and it's not going to change anything of significance. Political tidal waves are a constant in American politics. Political revolutionaries emerge as the result of a shortsighted, ever more frustrated electorate.

Just add in an increasingly impotent press corps that spends far too much time asking the WRONG questions, along with a horde of mindless TV/radio political pundits determined to elevate ideological gut-driven innuendo to the level of quasi-respectability. And, presto! We have some instant, Biblically sounding political revolutionaries.

They need only market themselves by appearing aesthetically adequate on TV, become adept at substituting clever but meaningless slogans for sound logic, and understand that SATISFYING voters always trumps telling them the TRUTH.

But, then they win an election and, suddenly, talk no longer counts; they have to deliver the goods. But, how? They have no more meaningful answers than those they ousted.

Stark reality hits them square in the face when they realize that balancing the national budget requires across-the-board spending cuts, including the defense budget by about a quarter. Those generals and defense contractors are going to be PISSED! And they employ millions of civilian AMERICANS… who will also be PISSED when they end up UNEMPLOYED.

And, lest we forget, the ultra-conservative GOP-ers, Tea Partiers, and all of those suddenly-turned-draconian-conservative Democrats are going to bolt upright in the middle of the night, horrified by the realization of just how stupid and baseless their chest-thumping campaign rhetoric was.

Cutting federal spending means cutting back on federal contracts held by private sector companies—mostly AMERICAN companies—that will in turn lay off thousands more AMERICANS. And, when they cut out entire federal programs and agencies, they’ll be cutting thousands of federal jobs held by thousands (perhaps millions) more AMERICANS.

And, these numbers don’t even begin to include the collateral job losses in myriad private sector companies that support all of it!

As well, when they cut federal transfer payments, they are cutting payments that will have gone to AMERICANS. And, while a fair number of those payments undoubtedly have gone to deadbeats, most of them have not.

Thanks to Wall Street’s near collapsing of the country’s economy, the private sector has learned to do a lot more with far fewer but more qualified employees… and with remarkable efficiently. Unfortunately, most of those lost jobs are gone for good as a result.

So, tell me who is going to hire all of the AMERICANS displaced by the GOP/Tea Party/newly conservative Democrat wave as its members try to fulfill all those clever-sounding but mostly unrealistic promises.

Oh, and those tax cuts they’ve promised? Only people with jobs experience the “thrill” of payroll tax cuts. The unemployed already enjoy the ultimate tax cut; they pay NO payroll taxes at all. And, as for those myriad other tax cuts (lower tax rates on consumption and other fees), the unemployed can’t afford to take advantage of them, which compounds the situation even more.

Just as the Democrats misread their last political tidal wave (check with the GOP) as an invitation to lavish spending orgies and tax increases, this one did NOT present an open invitation to perpetual tax cuts, unrealistic across-the-board program/spending cuts, and a continuation of Wall Street’s unapologetic selfishness and economic Darwinism.

Nor did it exalt nationalism and religious chauvinism, including the repeal of evolution and elevating gay bashing to a status of perverse righteousness.

This country is still slightly right of center; but it still wobbles about the middle. But, just as the Democrat extremists have ALWAYS been, the GOP extremists—now joined by the Tea Party—have also proven themselves as able competitors in the arena of political denseness.

Political parties don’t control their own destinies; NUMBERS are in control. Spending cuts are great as long as they don’t involve OUR pet programs. And, as soon as they do, especially when they’ll result in massively higher job losses and draconian cuts in urgently needed transfer payments, you’ll see the political waterline rapidly receding in preparation for the next huge political tidal wave.

And, if this last WAVE follows through, the next one will soon be on the way. And, if you think Socialism had raised its ugly head two years ago, STAND BY for a rude awakening!

Because man does not live by bread alone UNLESS, of course… there is NO bread, the rich won’t care if we go socialist because a half of a bundle is still a bundle and it still buys lots of bread. The poor will gladly embrace the move because they think they’ll finally GET some bread.

But, the ultimate deciders will be the vast middle class, not the politicians. The more members of the middle class forced to cut back drastically on their bread portions, the more likely they are to look favorably on a seemingly more “equitable” way to get their “fair” share of bread.

It’s folly of the worst kind when we constantly claim to want candor in our politicians but ALWAYS reward the liars. It’s why politicians everywhere are nothing but professional opportunists. As always, they’ll simply placate our seemingly clueless anger.

The smart money is not on our national stupidity ending because of this last election cycle. It’s on cornering the ticket market for watching the next big political tidal wave. There’s a fortune just waiting to be made.

Joe Walther is a freelance writer and publisher of The True Facts. You may comment on his column by clicking here.

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