GOD, it’s FRIGHTENING… the stuff SOME people ACTUALLY believe!


The Internet is a blessing for legitimate researchers and other fact-searching purveyors of truth. For those whose will to find out trumps their need to believe, a good search engine and a well-defined set of search parameters can separate fact from fiction in a matter of microseconds. But, sadly, it’s also a perfect haven for mentally masturbating loony toons in search of validation for absurd notions.


As well, the fact that said loony toons can propagate THEIR results just as quickly, only serves to add to the veracity of Mark Twain’s admonition, “A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.” And, the way the media runs with such pure low-grade fertilizer makes me wonder if he wasn’t actually on to something when he wondered, “If the world is being run by smart people who are putting us on or by imbeciles who really mean it.”


Two incidences popped into my inbox this past week that I simply cannot pass up. The first concerned a U. S. Soldier, a practicing Muslim, who had requested conscientious objector status because of his religious beliefs. Read the account yourselves, but please understand that I’m not questioning the sincerity of the soldier’s request, nor am I questioning the Army’s right to grant or deny the request.


However, I am questioning the motives behind the entire hullabaloo made by myriad partisan factions and Muslim-fearers BECAUSE of the request. You see, we’ve had tens of thousands of requests for conscientious objector status in virtually every war since WW-I. In fact, here is a partial list of such objectors from WW-II. And, please note that it is just a partial list. I won’t bore you with the ones from Korea and Viet Nam.


Throughout our war history, some people have always suspected the motivation behind such requests as simply not wanting to serve in combat. But, this is the first time that I’ve witnessed people assigning motivation BECAUSE of a specific religion; and, it fails the smell test BIG TIME. Why shouldn’t a Muslim receive conscientious objector status—assuming the reasons are legitimate—the same way as members other religions have.


The second incident concerned an Army doctor, Lt. Col. Terrence Lakina. The Army is court-martialing him for refusing deployment to Afghanistan. It seems he questions President Obama’s qualification to be Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces—he does not believe the President’s citizenship status.


So, let me put this as succinctly as I can. This man is an O-5 level career commissioned officer (about 18-years of service so far). As such, his base pay is $7,748.00 a MONTH. His dependents’ allowance in the Washington, DC area is $2,919.00 a MONTH; it’s also non-taxable. And, let’s add an additional non-taxable subsistence allowance of $225 a month.


In addition to this, he receives full medical coverage, including dental, for both himself and his dependants. In the civilian world, this ranges around $775.00 a month. He’s probably received substantial tuition assistance benefits as well.


And, being a medical doctor, he’s required to maintain currency in his certifications and continued education just like his civilian counter-parts. The only difference is that civilian doctors pay for it themselves; the Army (via we tax payers) pays Dr. Lakina’s expenses. In all, the man’s receiving a cash pay of around $11,000 PER MONTH plus another $9,300 a year in paid medical benefits!


Folks, we’re in the throes of the worst financial breakdown since the Great Depression. Many people have no jobs at all. Other families are working two, sometimes three; part-time jobs just to pay for living essentials. They earn about 20% of this clown’s monthly paycheck and they have NO medical coverage.


Guess what I’d do if I had the authority! I’d make a deal with the good doctor. Under the terms of my deal, the Army would let him resign his commission and discharge him under administrative conditions. In addition, he’d have to repay the Army every dime they’ve paid him since the Iraq/Afghanistan wars began… EVERY DIME (about a $1,000,000).


As for the Army, in addition to a substantial reimbursement, they’d be rid of an egocentric, self-serving politically motivated jackass! And, if he were to refuse the offer, the Army would carry on with the court-martial.


And, if found guilty—the evidence fully supports it—he’d be stripped of his commission, forfeit all pay and allowances, be dishonorably discharged, and sent to federal prison for a commensurate term. Either way, the Army and the nation as a whole would be better off.


Also, let me say one final thing about Barack Obama’s citizenship status for the benefit of all the mental midgets that actually think he’s managed to phony up the matter.


First, understand that confirmation bias makes already dumb people look even dumber! They MUST stop searching and reading ONLY accounts that support their own preconceived notions. As well, they really do need to understand that suppositions based on anecdotal data are often ILLUSIONS masquerading as facts. Testing such beliefs against actual empirical data usually points this out.


Although, I suspect the main problem is that many of these people don’t know the difference between empirical data and anecdotal data.


Second, they should Google “plausibility test” (without the quotes, of course). How widespread would the conspiracy have to have been for Mr. Obama to pull off a fake birth certificate successfully? Here’s a hint.


The full Departments of State for Hawaii, Illinois, and the Federal Government would have had to be in on it from the beginning. What are the odds that an Obama-hater, WITH CREDIBLE EVIDENCE, wouldn’t have surfaced along the way?


And, of course, we’d have to assume that Obama has NO enemies in the media! How else can we explain why no top-notch investigative reporter has materialized to expose the fraud, even though a Pulitzer, a huge book deal, and unfathomable fame await the first reporter to do so?


At a minimum, a scoop like this would IMMEDIATELY relegate Watergate; Woodward and Bernstein; and “deep throat” to mere literary footnotes. The late former President, Richard Nixon, would end up looking like a simple-minded paranoid who made up harmless little white lies to hide his embarrassment.


And, finally, for ALL of the idiots that truly believe Barack Obama’s birth certificate is a fraud, your emotional investment is trumping your reason. There is no law against disliking Mr. Obama. There isn’t even a law against HATING Mr. Obama. Hate away, for God’s sake! But, at least base it on something plausible… you know, like his politics.


And, if that’s too complex for you birthers to grasp, please TRY to realize that you’d all look MORE credible—although STILL quite stupid—if you’d simply own up to hating the man because you think his complexion is just a tad too dark to be this nation’s president.


Joe Walther is a freelance writer and publisher of The True Facts. You may comment on his column by clicking here.

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