God and Queers!

I want to tell you about something that happened to a friend of mine last night. It’s the type of thing you read about, and then scratch your head in absolute astonishment that people can actually be so ignorant.

Truckloads of trees have been sacrificed so that various “experts” could write endless discourses on the subject; I’ve written a piece or two about it myself.

This isn’t going to be another one; it’s just going to be my way of telling pretentious religious idiots to take a flying leap!

A good friend of mine—close to 30-years, now—owns and operates a very successful landscaping business about a stone’s throw from the PA state line.

He’s 56-years old, has a very nice, well-maintained home on about 1.5-acres of land. His mother has lived with him since his father died from pancreatic cancer some 15-years ago.

They’re both active members—both social and financial—of a small church community. The church and church hall sit on about 3-acres located no more than 250-feet from their home.

In addition to their financial support, Al provides all of the landscaping and grass-cutting needs for the church; and he does it GRATIS.

Last night, as he left to go pick up some milk, he found a sealed envelope taped to the driver’s side window of his truck. Inside was a card depicting an image of Jesus with a note. I quote: “God doesn’t hate sinners; neither do we.”

Al’s a homosexual, and while he has no signs on his house proclaiming it, he doesn’t try to hide the fact, either. Everyone who knows the man, knows he’s gay, and they also know that he’s as kind and decent a human as there is.

This hurt him deeply, but he’ll keep it to himself. And since there is no way to know for sure if a member of the church congregation left the note, I’ll not aim this at anyone specific.

But even though I can’t prove it, I highly suspect that it came from the church congregation’s Pontificating Brethren Branch. This is the usual source of such tripe.

And since the sniveling little Bible-thumper lacked the guts to speak to Al directly, let me address a couple of questions to any God people who may be reading this.

For all of the hullabaloo that’s been bantering back and forth during my lifetime over the issue of homosexuality, I’m still at a loss to explain how people “become” homosexuals.

Is it a conscious choice? If it is, then by logical conclusion, heterosexuality must ALSO be a conscious choice. So, therefore, how does one make such a choice?

As a man, would I go man-on-man, followed by a man-on-woman session, and then make my choice? And how many times should I repeat the cycle in order to be sure I’m making the right choice?

It’s a bit confusing because every homosexual I’ve ever asked about it has told me the same thing. As puberty overtook them—and for some, even prior—they just seemed to be attracted to members of the same sex.

As well, in my own case, I simply began noticing girls beginning at around 12-years of age, Actually, I noticed them even earlier; it’s just that at about 12-years, I began REALLY noticing certain anatomical parts… if you get my drift. But in no way did I ever look at it as a “choice.”

But the thing that really gets me going is the view taken by the “God” people, especially the way they cherry-pick quotes from various Bibles. They scarf up the parts that conform to their relative views, and simply never mention the stuff that makes God sound like a raging lunatic.

But anyway, let’s see; we KNOW, as a FACT, that homosexuals exist. They walk among us. They’re friends, co-workers, strangers on the street, and—you never know—maybe even a sibling . . . or some other family member.

What we DON’T know as a FACT, though, is whether God actually exists. So, how about someone from the religion department answering a question.

Why in the hell do the dogmatic absolutists, on behalf of God, assume the authority to deny homosexuals their human rights on the chance that it makes Jesus cry, and that it absolutely angers God—who, by the way, may well be nothing more than a figment of the human imagination?

And FINALLY, do any of you religious hypocrites realize how stupid you sound and how equally ridiculous you make your imaginary “best” friend appear?

Oh, by the way, happy Father’s Day to ALL of you dads out there!

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