Ending it? NEVER! Reducing it? YES!


Last week being Easter Sunday, I decided to wait until this week to post this. As are likely most of you, I’m sick of hearing about the Catholic Church’s sexual abuse scandal and, particularly, the current Pope’s role in it. While it would take a complete moron to deny that it happened, we need to stop talking about it and, if the evidence supports it, let the legal system run its course.


However, there seems to be an abundance of “experts” insistent on creating a relationship where none exists. The manner in which the Church hierarchy dealt with the matter was at best felonious-level ineptness based on lying by omission. But, it had nothing, and still does NOT, have anything to do with the celibacy requirement for Catholic priests. As well, NEITHER of the above issues has any relationship to homosexuality within the Catholic priesthood.


For centuries and still today, the Roman Catholic Church has been run in the likeness of an exclusive all-male club. While the Pope, himself, tends to get out and about in the real world—some more than others—his cadre of advisers rarely venture out into the chaos that is the real world. And, most of them haven’t a clue as to how to deal effectively with scandal simply because they’re more concerned with conformity and order to the collective than they are with the mangled humanity of the individuals devastated by the actions of perverts pretending to represent Jesus on Earth.


When we look at it objectively, there is a noticeable inverse relationship between how far-removed priests become from the parish and the degree to which they hold, as absolutely sacred, the ideals of conformity and order to that “collective.” Indeed, the Church is run by its congregation of Cardinals and Bishops, only they seem to employ a management style highly similar to that of the fictional Borg as depicted in the Star Trek series. Click here and read the first paragraph.


It is little wonder than that most of the world has come to view the Catholic Church as one big sex orgy for queer priests molesting young boys and girls to satisfy lustful urges that have been forcibly repressed for centuries by mandatory celibacy. The problem is that it’s all a big CROCK. And, if it were not for the fact that so many innocents have been devastated, such excuses would be laughable.


First, celibacy, relative to the early Church, referred to an adherent not being married. Any reference to refraining from sexual intimacy was inferred simply because sex outside the bonds of marriage was quite the taboo. And, according to present-day Church rules, it still is; only precious few people pay it any mind. So, today, marriage has nothing to do with it and we refer to celibate people as those that abstain from sexual intimacy.


Many people, religious and otherwise, practice celibacy without any need to molest children. The notion that celibacy causes sexual perversion is pure nonsense and it has nothing to do with priests sexually abusing youngsters.


Homosexuality, on the other hand, is a matter of sexual orientation. And, sexual orientation is a pattern of emotional, romantic, or sexual attractions to men, women, both genders, or neither gender. Homosexuality, of course, defines same-gender patterns of sexual attraction.


It never ceases to amaze me how a collective of Catholic bishops persist in a declaration that homosexuality is inherently evil based solely on imaginative interpretations of the flimsiest of parables, the earliest records of which came almost 400-years after the death of Jesus. But, without so much as the bat of a collective eye, they want us to accept that women are NEVER to receive Holy Orders based solely on the fact that Jesus did not choose any women as apostles.


The Catholic Church’s “inherently evil” stance notwithstanding, boys and girls do not awake on puberty morning and “decide” to be gay. And, if you are one of the knuckle-dragging cave-dweller types that actually believes that they do, you’re out and out bat-shit crazy. And besides, pedophiles are rarely homosexual. The majority of them are fortyish, heterosexual, and married.


But, no matter how we look at it, sexual perversion has nothing to with celibacy or sexual orientation. Sexual perversion dwells among the straight AND gay populations of BOTH genders. Women can molest every bit as well as men can, and there is ample evidence to prove it. But the best way for the Catholic Church to deal with it, regardless of its source (male or female), is to turn the perpetrators over to the police and let the legal system run its course.


So, like it or not, eliminating celibacy as a condition for and banning homosexuals from ordination to the priesthood would accomplish nothing other than winning a pointless argument.

While there are some benefits to restricting ordination to single people, I don’t think those candidates should be MALE only. By ordaining women to the Catholic priesthood the Church gains an untapped source of well-qualified and capable priests. As well, the Church could still insist on celibacy as a requirement to Holy Orders—though I believe such a requirement would be patently ridiculous.

The Roman Catholic Church has to come into the 21st century and embrace the fact that women have become an integral part of the industrialized world’s workforce. In the United States, about 55-million women work full-time jobs—a growing number in high-level leadership positions—and they still manage to raise families. In Europe, the count is closer to 70-million women.

But, none of this can ever prevent some sexual deviates (males and females) from slipping through the quality control cracks. However, whenever it happens, the Catholic Church needs to be honest in dealing with it and, by ALL means, turn them over to the criminal justice system for a complete reckoning.

But first, the all-male club leadership has to end its exclusivity relative to being so all-fired ponderous and hoofy. By God, women can be just as ponderous and hoofy as men can be and I think we should give them the chance to be all that they can be.

Joe Walther is a freelance writer and publisher of The True Facts. You may comment on his column by clicking here.

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