CONSUMMATUM EST! (It is Finished!)

The United States Supreme Court has RULED that homosexuals have a CONSTITUTIONAL right to marry their respective partners, and that right applies in ALL fifty states.

I have total respect for sincerely devout religious people who quietly observe the doctrines of their various religious creeds. They live and let live without proffering absolutist judgments as to how others live. And we rarely hear any of these people bellyaching, ad nauseam, about their religious rights being attacked.

On the other hand, I have absolutely no respect for preachy absolutists who, claiming to know God’s will and thought process, succumb to a relentless urge to judge and condemn—in God’s name, of course—those of a different creed and sexual orientation.

I am in my mid-70s, and from the day I reached my teens, I’ve often pondered about why I am heterosexual. For the life of me, I cannot recall making that CHOICE.

Having had my share of homosexual friends, colleagues, and various other confrères—male and female—I’ve yet to find even one of them who made a conscious choice to be gay.

And the reason for this (Bible-thumping absolutists need to write this down) is that human sexual orientation is NOT a choice. So, get over it.

I’ve never been able to reconcile how God, if there is a God, chose to create humans, every one of which is loaded with seemingly limitless frailties, only to hold our frailties against us. (And I’m NOT implying that homosexuality is one of those frailties.)

Many people assume that I’m an atheist, but I’m not. I’m an agnostic; I have no clue if God exists or not.

I taught physics for close to 35-years; to me, God and the majesty and wonders of the universe are one and the same. This makes me a agnostic Pantheist.

Let me finish this week off with a comment about the politics of both, same sex marriage and Obamacare—another big winner at the Supreme Court this past week.

The Supreme Court has, essentially, made both of these issues legally DONE DEALS.

I absolutely agree with the same sex marriage ruling, but, while I agree with the Obamacare ruling, I’m not as enthusiastic about it. But given the amount of damage that an opposite ruling would have caused, I fully understand Chief Justice Robert’s logic in siding with the Liberal side of the court.

Obamacare needs some fixing; there is no doubt about it. And it can be fixed, but all the Republicans and Tea Party seem to be able to do is shout “REPEAL.” They have no alternative; they just hate Obama.

And if these politicians decide to make proposing an amendment to overrule same sex marriage and proffer promises to repeal Obamacare as part of their campaign platforms, the Republicans will relegate themselves to the status of cranky old men and women. They’ll become fossilized old relics.

This country is reaching its tipping point; we’re—me for sure—getting sick and tired of the crap coming from this Congress (both Houses). And while President Obama has shown a weakness in the area of working well with Congress, the nation as a whole does not blame him for everything that’s gone haywire.

The Republicans have controlled both houses of Congress for almost two years, and they haven’t accomplished a damn thing except to intensify their rhetoric against Obama.

The man could walk across the surface of the Potomac River, and this crowd wouldn’t acknowledge the feat; they’d just accuse him of not being able to swim!

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