As the END draws nigh!

I’ll bet you think this is going to be about the world ending on December 21st as “predicted” by the Maya calendar. But it’s NOT!

That prediction has nothing to do with the ending of the world. It’s about an ancient ruler’s rambling braggadocio in predicting how long the Mayan Dynasty would last.

The Mayan Civilization ended around 850 AD! She couldn’t see a short-run outcome like THAT! Why do people believe she could have predicted the end of the world 1,162-years into the future?

We’re inundated DAILY by myriad hair brained predictions about everything from our run on this planet ending abruptly, to the scary, horrible notion of a providential predisposition to hurling us worthless human scum into Dante’s Ninth Circle of hell.

We’re a species that insistently brags on its aggregate SUPERIOR intellect. And make no mistake about it; reams of observed evidence tend to justify it… but ONLY in the aggregate!

Individually, though, an ever-enlarging circle of dummies choosing to believe some mighty stupid stuff are doing their level-best to lower this aggregate perception.

But I’m not going there in this piece, other than to state that humans are a credulous lot that MUST believe SOMETHING. And for many, especially in this country, they believe as fact ONLY those things that comply with their preconceived notions.

In other words, a growing horde of dummies let INTUITIVE logic rule their lives simply because COUNTER-intuitive REALITY is often too SCARY and it hurts “real bad.”

No! The end I’m talking about for THIS piece is the impending MERCIFUL END to the calendar year, 2012! And while I firmly believe that there is NO limit to how bad things can get; I’m simply hoping for a little relief in 2013.

First off, the 2012 election is OVER. Obama has been reelected. And those who can’t stand the fact need to get over it.

His political opposition has a right to oppose his policies POLITICALLY; but they need to knock off the childish verbal displays of blatant disrespect FOR, and the exceedingly personal attacks AGAINST, Barack Obama.

Second, people need to grasp the fact that MOST of this nation’s problems—like those of the rest of the world—don’t exist in a universe of certainty. And neither do their solutions.

Uncertainty rules much of the human race. It always has. But in a universe of uncertainty, the only applicable rules are probabilities and possibilities.

And if we’re to find meaningful solutions to our problems, it will be through the efforts of smart capable people undeterred with being surrounded by a litany of loudmouth braying morons.

I’ve lived on this third rock from the Sun for SEVENTY-PLUS years. And in all of that time, I’ve yet to meet a mindless cynic for whom THE solution to any given problem was not INTUITIVELY obvious.

As sad as this is, we have to resolve ourselves to dealing with such people. They’re clueless, lightning-quick to make up their minds, and ever stead-fast in their resolve NOT to let facts confuse them.

If you’re not big on surfing the Internet—and I’m not suggesting that you become obsessed with it—occasionally grab a virtual surfboard, lie on your stomach holding on tightly, and ride a few virtual information waves.

The experience will blow your mind! Go ahead; I dare you. Peruse a small sampling of the vast world of Internet forums, especially the ones that revolve around political and other issue-oriented themes.

In as little as two surfing rides, participants will notice a constantly recurring notion: that EVERYONE seems to know EXACTLY how to solve everyone else’s problems!

Could it be THIS simple? If so, we should get to an immediate massive swapping of our problems. Voila! ALL problems SOLVED.

Of course, it’s a fact that we’ve yet to IDENTIFY all of our problems, let alone try solving them.

What about the things that we THINK are problems and that may, indeed, BE problems; just not the problems that we THOUGHT were THE problems! Get it?

No matter how long the human species survives, complex questions will always outnumber “simple” answers; and intuitive logic will continue getting soundly trounced by counter-intuitive reality.

A friend and former colleague of mine never shied away from admitting that complexity, while rarely overwhelming her, sometimes hindered her sincere attempts to answer often difficult questions completely.

She had a boilerplate response to mindless cynics who constantly demanded simple answers to complicated problems. In reality, she was condescending to them; but the clueless never get the point.

Like me, she’s long retired; but her standard response to idiots bears mentioning here. With her permission, I’ve even used it myself. Here it is.

“I fully realize that I’ve not succeeded in answering ALL of your questions. INDEED, I feel I have not answered ANY of them completely.

Unfortunately, I found answers that served ONLY to raise a whole new set of questions, which ultimately lead to me finding MORE problems, some of which I wasn’t even aware WERE problems.

To sum it up, in some ways I feel that we’re ALL confused as ever, but—and this is critical—I now believe we’re confused on a higher level, and about much more important things!”

Like it or not, this nation has some massively complex problems to solve. They defy simple solutions. But we’re never going to get them solved until we first push the idiots out of the way.

However, the problem is that idiots are always the last to know that they’re idiots! As horrible as the thought is, she’s been right all along… answers leading to additional questions, leading to MORE problems?

So legalizing weed may be the ONLY practical answer. It won’t actually solve problems; we just won’t worry about it. Alas, IGNORANCE may, indeed, be the only form of PRACTICAL bliss!

Banish the thought! As a species, we may WELL be SCREWED!

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