And once again ANOTHER closeted narcissist strikes!

By now the story has hit every wire service in the country, not to mention a hoard of local media outlets and every Internet Portal. If you’re one who has heard nothing of it, click here for the details.

Contrary to scenario implication, this story is about much more than some overachieving, self-centered pro-footballer in the midst of earning $2-MILLION a year.

And it’s about more than the fact and the horror of his killing himself in front of his coach and the team’s general manager as they tried to talk him out of it.

But as horribly tragic as this has been for all concerned, Belcher headlines this story simply because he was an NFL starting player for the Kansas City Chiefs.

That he killed himself in front of his coach and the team’s general manager as he thanked them for all that they had done for him was a nice personal touch on his part that added some high drama.

Such selfish stupidity is among the essence of click-through headlines. But had this incident involved some two digit IQ dweeb from Podunk, USA, it would have received no more than passing mention on Yahoo; but ONLY because Yahoo is starving to death for lack of click-inducing content.

But because Belcher was a first-string NFL professional plying his trade on an NFL team—albeit one with a terrible season-to-date record of 1-win and 10-losses—it became a major sport’s and social headline.

So for the next few weeks we’re going to be force-fed analyses of what a super tragedy this has been, implications as to what hidden demons Belcher must have faced, unmitigated accolades of what a wonderful teammate he was, how dedicated he was to succeeding, what a great friend he was, and what a proud, loving father he was to his 3-month-old daughter.

This is what happens in a country that seems to worship in the National Cathedral of Professional Sports.

Take your pick of pews: football, baseball, basketball, hockey, tennis, golf, or some other sport; it doesn’t matter. Many enthusiasts thrive on elevating their favorite top performers to the status of LIVING SAINT.

And whenever some of them inevitably prove themselves as colossal bung holes, many of their adoring fans will invent ways to deflect the bulk of the blame to hitherto fore UNKNOWN but overwhelming demons.

But as in most of these cases, the real victims get nothing more than a brief passive reference in the telling of the story.

This is why we’re not going to hear very much about 22-year-old Kasandra Michelle Perkins and 3-month-old Zoey Michelle Belcher: the real victims of this self-centered coward’s stupidity.

He murdered Kasandra and then killed himself in front of an audience. He had a choice; she didn’t. Nor did she stand a chance as he, for whatever reasons, shot her several times.

And after doing so, his choice of suicide as a way out ultimately orphaned his infant daughter.

I have no idea what their argument involved; but apparently it didn’t go the way Belcher wanted it to go. His stupidity ruled his reason. Having realized this, he took a coward’s way out.

I nominate Kasandra, her family, his family, and 3-month-old Zoey as the prime recipients of any forthcoming mourning.

So if you’re a praying type, pray for these people, along with the Kansas City Chiefs, especially the two men who witnessed the suicide first hand as they tried to prevent it.

Unfortunately by now, we know all about a football player who, full of hopes and dreams, played for West Babylon High School, later for the University of Maine Black Bears, ultimately making it to the NFL against all odds.

But we’ll learn precious LITTLE—if anything at all—about the 22-year-old young woman who became the mother of their only child. There will be no feature-length articles paying tribute to HER hopes and dreams.

Instead the press didn’t call it for what it was: the stupid antics of a selfish moronic dweeb who murdered his girlfriend over a stupid argument that didn’t go his way and then took the coward’s way out because he couldn’t face the consequences of his selfishness.

In my opinion, he deserves nothing beyond abject pity. But as usual, because of who he was and where this all transpired, along with the drama of it all, Belcher’s suicide will be the lasting drama of this story.

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